Review: Meet The Snapstar Squad – Dolls From Yulu

GIFTED: Move over Barbie because the #SNAPSTAR dolls are in town and they are taking no prisoners when it comes to their talents, looks or influencing skills.  These girls would probably have given Ken the big heave-ho ages ago and sold the pony.

Thanks to Yulu toys, Caitlin has three new gal pals who you’ll find at Smyths Toystore from 20th May.

#SNAPSTAR is described as “an immersive world of fashion, beauty, music, photography and design where our squad of six influencer dolls define what’s next and aspirational”.

We were sent Lola, Dawn and Yuki but the squad also comprises Aspen, Izzy and Echo. Each doll has a unique style and what sets them apart from the dolls I grew up with (and cut the hair off), you can change their hair and makeup and then post their looks to the #SNAPSTAR Studio app – or wherever you like.

The #SNAPSTAR Studio app is free to download and allows kids to style and customize their SNAPSTAR’s hair, make-up, eye colour and shape, accessories and background scene!

So you can play around with their looks some more on the app once you have created your look on the doll itself.

Each doll has different passions, such as the environment, travelling and kindness!

Dawn is a high-powered, high-fashion diva who only settles for the best and when she isn’t playing dress-up, she likes to rub elbows with the celebs at the most exclusive events.

Lola is a ball of positive energy who sees the best in everyone and the beauty in everything. She makes everyone around her feel great and want to be their best selves.

Lastly, Yuki is a feisty chick who marches to her own beat.  She’s a music enthusiast and is often booked for DJing parties all over town.

Each doll is 25 cm high with 15 points of articulation which allows them to strike lots of different poses.  They have inserted glass-like eyes and changeable hairstyles.

Our dolls came with a bag and mini mobile phone and in the box there was a self-assembly cardboard ‘green screen’ and a simple plastic stand to allow the dolls to be posed and to stand up.

The stand simply clips into a tiny hole at the back of each doll’s neck and the purpose of the screen is to help the photographic definition when using the #SNAPSTAR Studio app.

I thought the combination of a doll with simple technology added an extra dimension to these toys.  The only slight negative, for me, is that the focus is solely based around the ‘influencer lifestyle’ which, as a blogger, I can attest certainly isn’t all parties and posing!

There is also an assumption that the kids will have access to a mobile phone and social media platforms which, although the age for having an account on these platforms is 13, is frequently ignored by parents across the land. Caitlin has a mobile, however, she currently only uses TikTok.

It is, of course, entirely possible to enjoy playing dressing up with the dolls without the #SNAPSTAR Studio app but the age range for these products is ages 5 – 11.  At the very least parental supervision will be required with the app.

I think there’s a huge opportunity here for Yulu to add an educational element to the dolls, for example as has been done with Project Mc2 and their STEM focus. I would like to have seen a little less emphasis on looks, although there are some strong key messages here – for example, the importance of kindness and being your own person.

All that aside, the dolls are well made, attractive and whilst their outfits are rather flimsy, the ‘SNAPSTAR Squad are far more current than their rivals.

Check out the range of #SNAPSTAR dolls at Smyths Toys.  Current RRP £17.99 per doll and the new squad are available to pre-order online.


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