Top Atlanta Camping Locations To Visit This Year

Summer 2019 is on its way and it’s time for adventure seekers to plan their next adventure. If you are looking for somewhere new State-side, why not consider Atlanta?

Whether you are planning a fun-packed family vacation, a child-friendly holiday break or an extremely thrilling day-off, Atlanta has everything to suit your needs and make your vacation an exhilarating one.

Atlanta is all about fun, whilst the city’s breathtaking sights will soothe your soul and give you a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of urban life. No matter what your age, child, solo adventurer, couple or senior travellers, you’ll find something which will captivate every interest and personality as there are many things to do in Atlanta.

The city is proud to offer a fantastic mix of entertainment venues and recreational activities. You’ll find mind-blowing history, beautiful monuments and historical spots, stunning massive parks & museums, amusement & cultural spots and plenty of natural beauty.

Not only will you find great picnic destinations but Atlanta also offers scenic camping sites whose locations will satisfy the most adventurous camper and thrill seeker.

These are the most sought-after camping spots located in and around Atlanta.

Atlanta State Park

The spectacular Atlanta State Park is one of the most beautiful and visited camping sites, located on the south shore of Wright Patman Lake, at only about 11 miles drive away from Atlanta.

The vista across the lake view gives visitors a stunning view and there are plenty of opportunities for swimming, boating, fishing, picnicking and overnight camping.  You can also enjoy jogging, cycling or hiking along the peaceful nature trails.

Stone Mountain Park

Another fantastic site for a memorable camp is Stone Mountain Park. If you want to spend a terrific day away camping and want to wander in the natural beauty under the stars overlooking beautiful Stone Mountain Lake, then this is the place for you.

Whether you are looking for a fun-filled family camping holiday or want to soak up the beauty of nature, you can lose yourself in natural beauty as you explore the towering pines, the hardwoods and the seasonal colours of nature in full swing.

This camping ground offers nearly 500 campsites ranging from full-service RV hook-up points, premium yurt sites, traditional safari, and tent camping sites.

Sweetwater Creek State Park

Famed for the running Sweetwater Creek Lake, this State Park is a perfect getaway spot for adventure and sea lovers.

Located near 15-miles from the downtown Atlanta, the park offers many recreational activities to explorers including boating, glamping, hiking, fishing, kayaking, canoeing paddle boarding and trekking around the peaceful trails following the lake.

You can explore miles of natural wonders and historic ruins while resting overnight in rustic yurts which offer all the amenities, so you don’t have to sacrifice any home-from-home comforts.

Camp Twin Lakes

Everyone is entitled to have fun on their holiday no matter what their level of physical ability.  Unlike other camping spots, this unique destination offers a camping and adventure solution for children with special needs.

It is a privately owned recreational centre dedicated to providing a wide array of camping, boating, ropes courses and creative outdoor entertainment options for adults and children with severe illness and disabilities.

You’ll find expertly trained medical staff and volunteers who will make sure everyone has the best time possible at Camp Twin Lakes.

Piedmont Park

Sprawling over a massive green area of 200-acres, Piedmont Park is located just north of downtown Atlanta. It is open to everyone and there is no ticketing required.

In the Park’s vast playgrounds, sports fields and dog parks, you’ll find food, music and art festivals, picnic spots, jogging paths, swimming areas, educational camps and much more. If you are planning to visit Atlanta this is a ‘must-see’ to include on your itinerary.

It is also a great place to end an action-packed day by enjoying a beautiful sunset with your friends and family. Moreover, spending a weekend morning at the park’s farmers market is a great way to enjoy fresh fruits, vegetables, and delectable eateries in one place.

Jones Bridge Park Trail

Grab some fresh air while hiking and camping through the beautiful landscapes and scenic trails in the metro city of Atlanta and take a break from the buzzing urban life.

From Atlanta’s fascinating running trails to hiking and river trails there are dozens of stunning camping destinations for happy campers and trekkers.

Jones Bridge Park Trail is one of a kind, situated above the Chattahoochee River. Here you’ll find plenty of scenic forest and river views.

As you can see, there are plenty of fantastic camping sites around Atlantic City, so don’t forget to put it in your list when you sit to plan your next expedition.

Whether you are a history buff, shopaholic, a food fanatic, adventurer, a music or an art lover, you are guaranteed a refreshing getaway here.

Have you ever visited Atlanta?  What did you enjoy most?


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