Top 3 Home Beauty Treatments For New Mums

When our little ones arrive into the world, many of us mums tend to focus all our attention and energy on them. They are the priority. But this can mean that we neglect to look after ourselves.

Taking time for yourself as a mum is really important. It gives you the time and head space to totally recharge your batteries. Not only will taking some time for a pamper make your body feel great, but it will also help your mental wellbeing too.

If you have a newborn and the chances of you making it to a spa are remote, then why not treat yourself in the comfort of your own home?

Here are some of the best quick and easy at-home beauty treats for mums.

Relax in the Bath

The warmth of a bubble bath will help to relax your muscles, relieve and tension and pain, and improve blood flow and circulation. But it’s not just your body that will benefit. Baths can also help to lift your mood and help you sleep better.

Light some candles around the bathroom to create a relaxing and calm atmosphere. Then before you get in, add a generous handful of mineral bath salts to the warm water.

These salts have multiple benefits, helping to improve daily health and balance hormones. Companies such as Neom Organics do a beautiful selection that will not only make you feel amazing but smell amazing too!

Treat Your Feet

If running up and down the stairs and jumping out of bed throughout the night sound all too familiar, then take some time to treat your feet. A homemade foot spa is a great way to relax and unwind, plus it’s really quick and easy, so you could do this while the baby is sleeping.

Firstly, you’ll need either a large tub or bowl (or use the bath if you don’t have one). Fill it with warm water and soak your feet for five minutes.

Grab your favourite scrub and rub into your feet in circular motions. This will get rid of any dead skin and increase the blood flow to your feet.

Wash away the exfoliator and take your feet out of the warm water (this is definitely the most difficult part!).

Pop on some intensive moisturiser to make them super soft and supple. If you have time, paint your nails and voila! Polished perfection.

Rejuvenate Your Skin

Give your skin some well-deserved nourishment and attention by indulging in a mini facial. You don’t need to spend lots of cash on expensive products to reap the benefits. Simply use what you already have at home.

Step one is to wash away and impurities. Simply use your favourite face wash and apply using upward motions.

Step two is to get rid of any dead skin cells that may be clogging up your pores.

Grab a facial exfoliator if you have one, or if not, you can make a scrub using ingredients in your kitchen cupboards, such as coconut oil and sugar.

Give your face a scrub and rinse well.

Step three is to moisturise.

If you suffer from dry or tight skin, then you’ll need something rich and creamy.

If your skin is more oily or prone to breakouts, then avoid anything too heavy and opt for something light instead.

These three simple steps will have your skin looking radiant in no time!

These simple home beauty treatments will make you feel energised, rejuvenated and ready to take on another day!

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