Why We’re Going Back To Carpet

Imagine the scene.  It’s late evening, and the kids have finally dropped off.  Gentle snoring ripples through the upstairs, coupled with the odd resounding thud of a book tumbling off a bed.  Neither stir.

Just until I decide to retrieve my reading glasses, put one foot on our dusty old bare floorboards outside the kids’ rooms and craaaaaack.  Followed by “Muuum, is that you”? (in tones of irritation).

On the plus side, burglars will have their work cut out for them but trying to manoeuvre upstairs is like being a hostage on a creaky old ship.

It’s our fault. The carpet we inherited from the previous owners was threadbare, grubby and probably inhabited, so it had to go.  The previous owners were heavy smokers which didn’t help the overall freshness of the carpets either.

We told ourselves that since Mat suffers quite severely from hayfever and me from a dust allergy (stop laughing at the back), then getting rid of the carpet was the best thing.

Except it wasn’t.

Not only is going to the loo in the middle of the night right up there with one of Bear Gryll’s missions, but the floor is also cold and draughts whistle up through the gaps in the floorboards.

It’s a common problem these days.  Not only in older houses like ours but the rabbit-hutch size new build properties springing up across the country.

The benefits of carpet are clear:-

  • warm underfoot
  • reduce noise (particularly if you install noise-reducing underlay)
  • reduce your heating bills

and, to be honest, a soft, plush carpet into which your tootsies sink is generally a much nicer proposition to me than cold, hard wooden floorboards.

That is not to say that a well installed and maintained wooden floor cannot look stunning but each to their own.

I’ve spent long enough wondering which hoover attachment to use to vacuum the wooden floor we have in our lounge – and I’m still not sure I should be vacuuming it now.  A delicate mop over with a slightly wet mop seems to be recommended, but there’s no ideal place to store a mop and a bucket, is there?

Carpet, on the other hand, is a quick way to renovate a room and these days there is plenty of choice when it comes to style, pattern, colour and material to reflect all the latest interior design trends.

Top carpet trends for 2019 include, according to the well respected Elle Decor, multi-coloured patterns, quirky materials like jute and extra large rugs. Greys and monochrome are also very popular as are Hygge and Nomadic design themes.

And if you are an allergy sufferer, you can now get carpet made with a microbe, and insect repellent yarn, which is just the thing for homes with pets or allergy suffers or try the natural fibres such as jute, mentioned above.

I’m off to measure up.



  1. Alice O'Neill
    4 July, 2019 / 9:59 am

    I always find carpet so much more cosy…

  2. Nikki
    28 April, 2019 / 4:25 pm

    i kinda miss nice carpeting…. but- my flat wouldn’t really suit it much…

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