Giving The Elderly Their Freedom Back With Mobility Aids

One of the sad facts about growing old is we truly start to rely on the people around us to provide us with support when it comes to getting around. However, there are ways that we can ensure the elderly keep their independence and don’t always rely on us to get them around.

There are a number of ways you can do this, taking some of the pressure of you and the worry off them. So, if you have an elderly relative then take note of this blog and it could dramatically improve yours and their way of life, giving them some of the independence back that they so desperately crave.


The most traditional way of transport for those with mobility issues, wheelchairs were specifically created to allow you to keep that independence. Certain wheelchairs can be pushed along independently by the user without the need for help from a carer. There’s a wide variety available whether you’re looking for a transportable lightweight wheelchair which can be self-propelled by the user, or an electric wheelchair that takes minimal effort from the user.

They can be particularly useful if you go on a day out with an elderly relative. This allows them to transport themselves around and gives you the opportunity to keep your eyes on the children and your hands free for any bags that need carrying or children that want to hold your hand. This is where electric wheelchairs are great, but also transportable wheelchairs if you are going on a day trip to the seaside.

Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters are great for more long haul journeys that don’t involve just nipping to the shops. They have a longer battery life than a standard electric wheelchair, and at times are road legal so can be used a bit like a pedal bike, keeping them off narrow paths.

There’s a wide range of options available depending on the needs of the user. There are light-weight mobility scooters that are easily transportable in the boot of a car, so these are ideal if you are looking at heading out on a day trip with an elderly relative. If you are needing a scooter with an extended battery life, then mid-range scooters will be what you are looking for as they have an extended battery life.

Walking Aids

Walking aids, as the name suggests, aid the user to keep them on their feet. They take some of the pressure off when walking around and can be particularly useful for more short term trips to places like the supermarket.

One of the most popular walking aid is a walking frame, which can sometimes be referred to as a Zimmer frame. They are both practical and cost-effective, providing the user with additional support and safety when moving from point A to B. There are also heavy duty walking frames available to provide support for users of all shapes and sizes.

The other popular option is rollators, they are very similar to walking frames but provide additional support to users who struggle lifting walking frames. They come on wheels so can be pushed along by the user, saving them the effort of having to lift them off the ground. They also give the user peace of mind free from the concern of losing their balance.

There’s a huge range of options out there to ensure that our elderly relatives have full freedom of movement and are able to keep their independence. One of the hardest parts of growing old is the stress of reliance on other people, so using one of these aids will take that stress away, and gives people their lives and their freedom back.


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