Review: Show Them You Care With The Gift Experience

Don’t you find that the older your family gets, the more difficult it is to find the perfect present?  Caitlin and Ieuan are generally happy with gift cards or anything digital, whilst the husband, much like my dad, has taken to saying “I have everything I need”.

Which is true.  But ….

The thing about giving gifts is just as much about making the giver feel good too.  And, it definitely makes me feel good if I don’t have to schlep around town getting hot and bothered trying to find something which will just end up in a drawer – or regifted.

Father’s Day is on the horizon (Sunday 6 June) and then there are end of term teacher’s gifts to consider, as well as the usual run of birthdays.

We were recently offered the chance to review family-run business The Gift Experience – an online gift shop offering gifts for almost any occasion you can think of, including personalised gifts.

You can search the site according to the occasion, or the person as you might expect but you will also find children’s books, experience days and personalised cards.  Just about everything on one website.

These are the gifts I chose (resisting the urge to treat myself).

Father’s Day Gifts 2019

Who doesn’t like something sweet?  A great option is to buy a sweet gift box full of dad’s favourite sweets and chocolates – great to share as well!

Large Personalised Sweetie Jar

Tempted as I am to get Mat more socks, he’ll only accuse me of stealing them.  You can never have too many socks in my opinion and that’s the risk you run if you marry someone with a similar shoe size.  A better choice is this very large jar of retro sweets.

I can still remember when you could buy 4 Fruit Salad or Black Jacks for a penny. and you may find some of these in this jar (contents vary).  I’m am talking about the early ’70s though when Creme Eggs were the size of a real egg and a Wagon Wheel was the size of your head.

Other fond memories include love hearts, parma violets, cola bottles, space candy and sherbet lollies.  There’s even a packet of Candy Canes which the slightly older of you will remember used to be sold as candy cigarettes.  How times have changed!

Nestled beneath these treats are mixed packets of sweets such as dolly mixture, jelly babies and cola cubes.

The label on the front can be personalised with the name of the recipient or, preferably with the words “Keep Out – They’re Mine”.

This is a very generous selection and Mat has promised to share them, although strangely I’ve no idea where he’s put the jar now.

Motivational Statement Bracelet

These are all the rage at the moment and I’ve been looking for the perfect one for Caitlin for ages.

The If You Dream It, You Can Achieve It Bracelet is a beautifully made silver plated bracelet with this inspiring statement engraved on it.  Cleverly, the statement is repeated so that the words can be seen on the front and the back of the bracelet.

It would be perfect as a graduation gift but I chose it for Caitlin to boost her confidence for this year’s National Tests in school.

The bracelet comes inside a lilac coloured box with a small silver coloured plaque that can be inscribed with a short message or name of your choice.

Caitlin absolutely adores it – and despite its modest price point (RRP £24.99), it looks a far more expensive item.

The Gift Experience offer a gift wrapping service too to save you even more time and express delivery is available should you need a gift in a hurry.

We were really impressed with the quality of the items we received – and the personalisation was spot on too.

You can find them at


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