Surprising Uses for Your Child’s Old Clothes

What to do with your child’s old clothes can pose a bit of a dilemma, can’t it? If you are a sentimental mum like me, you might have got into the habit of storing your offspring’s more precious discarded garments at the bottom of a drawer or cupboard somewhere – for posterity, or just because you can’t bear to part with them, or the memories they evoke.

The problem with this, though is that these clothes can take up a great deal of space – particularly if you have more than one child, as I do!

But it’s possible to make better use of your child’s old clothes if you think outside the box a bit. Here are some ideas to consider.

All About Functionality

Most of us have allocated some space beneath the kitchen sink for old clothes that can be used as rags. Although this is a great option, their uses do not stop here. For example, did you know that an old t-shirt can be cut and enjoy a new life as reusable bags?

Not only is this a great way to reduce your consumption of plastic, but you will also be helping the environment.

You could instead choose to sew all of these clothes together in order to create a quilt. This will be useful during the colder days of the year and the quilt itself can provide memories to last a lifetime.

Old clothes can likewise be stuffed and used as travel pillows.

You might even choose to frame one or two items in order to create your very own form of shabby chic art. So, it is clear that see that the possibilities are nearly endless.

Why Not Turn a Tidy Profit?

On the other hand, you might instead be looking to generate an additional source of income.

It has become quite popular to sell clothes online due to the fact that it is possible to reach a truly massive audience.

Those which have only been “gently used” are perfect candidates for a customer who might be looking for a functional item while trying to avoid the expensive nature of brand names.

You could instead cut up some of this old clothing and turn it into jewellery (such as headbands and bracelets) for children. These unique items tend to sell quickly and as no two are ever alike, each is associated with its very own personality.

Selling clothes and clothes byproducts is a fun and useful way to enjoy an additional source of income by working at home on a part-time basis.  If you’re looking for a good quality iron to give your clothes a professional edge, head over to Mostcraft where you’ll find helpful reviews and comparison charts for irons from a wide range of manufacturers.

There are also many platforms such as Shopify which will help you establish your virtual presence at no time at all, so there is no need to worry about having to learn coding and other technical issues.

The fact of the matter is that children will inevitably grow up. Still, this does not mean that their clothes are unable to be put to good use with a bit of innovation.


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