This Summer – Get Your Car Serviced!

Before you decide to get some exciting day trips and holiday staycations planned out this summer, there is one thing that you should take care of first: get your car serviced! There is nothing more disappointing than seeing your precious holiday time wasted by the side of the road as you wait for assistance to arrive…

Here are some ways to make sure your holiday plans go as smoothly as possible.

Interim servicing

Everyone knows about getting a full service for their car. It is usually after a certain number of miles or a certain number of days, whichever comes up first. But for people who use their vehicles a lot, or who might be going on a trip for which they need their vehicle to be in tip-top shape, an interim service for your car makes a great deal of sense.

An interim service is, as it sounds, a partial service undertaken in between full services.

When and why to have an interim service?

An interim service can be done at around five or six thousand miles, or after a month or two of a regular service, especially if the vehicle has been heavily used in that time.

It is also reassuring to know that your vehicle is in top shape if you have a long drive planned: the best laid-out itinerary can be totally disrupted by hours standing on the side of the road, getting blasted by exhaust fumes and buffeted by the huge lorries trundling past!

An interim service is great for extra peace of mind, ensuring that all the car parts that go wrong more than others are in good shape. Knowing that you have taken every possible precaution will help you to relax and get in that holiday spirit! It is always better to anticipate potential problems than to drive off into the blue with no contingency plan.

What do they do, exactly, on an interim service?

While a full service is a lengthy process, with the air and oil filters being changed, as well as a whole host of tests and checks, an interim service is a shorter process. Your brakes will be tested – sometimes physically, sometimes visually, and your lights, your instruments and your various fluid levels will be checked (oil, water, and brake fluid – you will have to fill up with fuel yourself!). Your tyres and the suspension will also be thoroughly checked over as these are car parts that can go wrong in a blink, and sometimes while you are travelling at speed.

More peripheral – but still important – features will also be checked on an interim service, from your windscreen wipers, to your horn, to your seat belts.

You will be able to collect your car after its interim service, confident in the knowledge that your car is in the best possible condition for summer: beach ready, you might say! After all, nobody wants to be seen driving a wrecked car! If you want to get in touch with an autocentre then you must book your car servicing in Northampton from Calmac Autocentre.



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