A View To A Thrill – The Top Four Ferris Wheels in the UK

Gentle movement. Great heights. Views that seem endless. Ah, Ferris wheels. They can provide plenty of entertainment – especially if you’re visiting somewhere new.

No wonder they are so many in the UK. Which, however, are the best? And are kids likely to prefer one over the rest?

To find out the answer to both questions, explore our list of the top four wheels in the UK.


Though it doesn’t yet exist, Newcastle’s observation wheel is set to be the grandest in Europe – quite literally. Developers announced plans to construct Europe’s largest wheel last year.

It will provide views across the North-Eastern city and is part of a project to regenerate its Quayside area. The wider initiative will include bars, restaurants and an attraction that celebrates the history and culture of Northern England.

Once it’s built, it may provide a fun activity for families, offering opportunities for both learning and relaxation.


‘Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside.’ There’s a reason why this rhyme exists: beaches can be great fun to visit – particularly for families.

Many British resorts host funfairs; Scarborough, as you may already know, is one of them. And a trip to the fair tends to be highly enjoyable for kids and adults alike.

Traditional rides like carousels often create a magical vibe for young ones. A lot of Brits would argue that a seaside holiday isn’t complete without a trip to such a site.

If you plan to vacation in or around this North Yorkshire resort, why not visit its Luna park? Though its old model has been deconstructed, it’s scheduled to be rebuilt and become better than ever for riders.

With this in mind, you may want to plan your next trip to the sky in this Ferris wheel.


You’ll no doubt have heard of Blackpool’s Ferris wheel – it’s considered by a number of Britons to be a cultural landmark.

A venture onto it could be the ideal way to conclude a day at the pleasure beach. After an afternoon of donkey rides, ice cream and seaside walks, you may very well find that it helps you – and the kids – to unwind. This could be particularly useful if you need to calm them down before a long journey back home.

Even better, it delivers an elevated view of one of the most vibrant seaside towns in Europe. You and the children are likely to fall in love with Blackpool – both on the ground and from far up high.

London Eye

The London Eye is popular among tourists and Londoners alike – and it’s easy to see why. Situated on the South Bank of the Thames, it stands at 443 feet above the ground.

It offers a broad view of the British capital and is a practical destination for trips with kids. Its large carriages also make for a comfortable journey through the sky. Passengers aren’t confined to just one area – in fact, they’re encouraged to roam and observe the city from all possible angles.

What’s more, London eye ticket prices are usually agreeable – so you needn’t break the bank to enjoy a fun day out.

Its night tour – which sees the wheel illuminated – creates a very romantic setting, which could provide the perfect backdrop for a date with someone special.

Wherever you decide to holiday or spend a day trip in the UK, why don’t you board a Ferris wheel? It might help you to enjoy your adventure even more.


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