Top Tips on Staying Cool this Summer

Summer has well and truly arrived and while the weather still isn’t 100% reliable (will it ever be?), it is a good idea to prepare for the inevitable heatwave.

Below, I’ve put together some top tips for staying cool this summer:

Stay in the Shade – Inside and Out

To keep the rooms in your home cool and to stop them from overheating, try to keep the curtains and blinds shut throughout the day. This will prevent the sunlight from flooding in and warming up the space (blackout options are ideal here).

Equally, staying in the shade when you’re outdoors is the best way to keep cool, especially between the hottest times of 11 AM and 3 PM.

Stay Hydrated and Eat Little and Often

Water is your best friend when it gets hot outside because you’re likely to sweat more when the temperatures heat up. Not taking in enough water can soon lead to sunstroke or heat exhaustion so always keep a cold bottle of water handy.

Equally, when you get warm, your body starts to find it harder to digest large meals. That’s why it’s advisable to eat little and often to allow your body to process your food better and to avoid that uncomfortable bloated feeling.

Consider Installing Air Conditioning

OK, so for the Great British weather this may seem a little extreme, but if you do suffer when it gets too hot outside and want the option of being able to keep your home feeling cool and fresh, air conditioning could be the answer.

What’s more, there are portable units available, so you can easily move the unit around to the room you’re in. This offers a cost-effective way of having the benefits of air conditioning but without having to have it installed throughout your home.

Nevertheless, portable units aren’t ideal for long-term use as they’re often noisier, less efficient and you need to keep a window open to get rid of the residual heat. So, if you’re going to be using this system a lot, domestic air conditioning is the better alternative.

Obviously, the latter will require a qualified electrician, so do a good search for a local electrician to find one that can help you get this job done cost-effectively.

Wear Cotton

When it’s scorchio outside the best clothing to wear is lightweight, breathable and loose-fitted. And cotton is great for this purpose.

You should also try opting for summer shades of whites and creams while avoiding dark colours. The former helps to reflect the sun’s radiation so will work hard to keep you cool.

Keep Your Wrists and Feet Cool

If you start to feel as though you’re just too hot or can’t cope with the heat, get instant relief by rinsing your feet, wrists or both in cold water. Doing this can help reduce how hot you feel, especially if you’re just about to go to bed.

Overall, keeping cool in the summer involves a lot of common sense. But more often than not, we only reach for these methods when we start to burn up. If you can start utilising these tips before you get too hot, you’ve got a much better chance of keeping your cool.



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