Ways To Save Money For Your Next Trip

One of the main reasons people put off their dream trip is because they think they can’t afford it. Sometimes the list of your daily expenses just seems too high, doesn’t it? Most of us have monthly bills and items of expenditure that we just can’t cut from our budget, but if we can cut them, reduce our costs, and find new ways to save we’re able to grow our travel fund more quickly than we once thought.

Regardless of whether you would happily travel on a budget, you’ll still need a bit of money. There’s no way around it. So to save for your trips, you need to cut your expenses.

Here are some creative and easy ways to just that, get more money, and hit the road sooner.

Get an Advance

If you need to travel quickly for some sort of an emergency and don’t have time to save up for it, you might want to think about looking into cash advance loans. This is a quick and easy way to get the money you need for the trip. Nearly anyone with a job, National Insurance Number, and bank account can get one.

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Cut Out the Coffee

If you love Starbucks as much as just about everyone else does, you should know that they love your money. If you want to be able to afford that boating trip in London or whitewater rafting in Colorado, you need to take a look at what you’re spending for your java.

Coffee is a daily expense for most of us and it’ll quietly drain your bank account and you might not even notice. Consider that if you’re spending £5 each day for coffee, that adds up to £150 each month and a whopping £1800 for the year. What’s more important to you: your daily coffee or heading out on that river cruise? Give the coffee up, make the switch to standard brew from cappuccino, take up drinking tea, or make it at home.

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Replace Your Lightbulbs

This is serious! It costs money for electricity and since we need to watch every penny, using more energy efficient light bulbs can help you cut down on the utility bills. You can get a two pack of fluorescent light bulbs for about £2.50 and replacing just five of your old-fashioned ones with them can shave £75 each year off your utility bills.

Additionally, because of energy efficiency initiatives, some electric companies may offer you a reduced tariff if you consider switching over to green or renewable energy. You need to check with your local electric company to find out what deals may be on offer.

Buy Used

Why would you pay full price when you don’t have to? You can use websites like Wholesale and Amazon (discounted electronics and books), and even clearance sales to buy what you need at discounted prices. There’s no end to the money you can save by doing this.

If you just take the time to follow these few easy tips, you’ll be able to save thousands of pounds that can suddenly make that dream trip become less dreamlike and more like reality.


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  1. Amy Butler
    29 June, 2019 / 7:18 pm

    Some good ideas here, especially giving up the coffee something I definately need to work on

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