What to Look for in Your Next Family Car

Is there anything quite so stressful as buying a new car, especially when you know absolutely nothing about them? From trying to work out whether you need any add-ons to figuring out what to believe in the salesman’s speech, there are so many things to consider.

Add children into the mix and it becomes an even more daunting and stressful situation.

You may even be wondering whether to keep your car or trade it in and this article gives some useful pointers – Should You Keep Your Car Or Trade It In?

If  you are shopping for a new car though, there are some things you can watch out for when you’re shopping for a new car and I’ve included these below:

Comfy Seats for All Passengers

Not only will you want to ensure that the seats are big enough for kids’ car seats and so on, but also look for other important features near to these seats, too – e.g. rear TV screens, cup holders and armrests.

Do the rear seats slide as well as the front seats? If so, this is a good feature for creating added boot space.

Also, try to figure out how well your children will see from these back seats when they’re not using a car seat. Are they going to be able to look out at the world that’s whizzing by? Making sure they can will provide a valuable source of entertainment for those long car journeys.

Family-Friendly Doors

When you’re trying to get the kids into their seats and are juggling your shopping, it’s important that the rear doors open wide enough to allow you to reach in and do what you need to do. Cars with sliding doors are also incredibly useful because of this.

Plenty of Space in the Boot

Whether you’re going away for the weekend to visit family or you’re just heading out for the day, you’ll no doubt pack the car full of stuff (half of which you don’t need – if you’re anything like us!). That’s why you may want to look at large SUV designs, like the Peugeot 5008, as these will offer ample seating room and room in the boot for all these (un)essential items.

It’s worth having a try out before you buy, too, ensuring the pushchair fits in the boot while also leaving space for other bulky items, e.g. suitcases and shopping.

Safety Features

When you’re shopping around for a family-friendly car, one of the most important things you’ll be on the lookout for is safety features.

Always do some thorough research beforehand, looking to places like EuroNCAP which offers safety ratings for a wide range of vehicles, giving you peace of mind that you and your family are in safe hands.

Test Drive

Now that you’ve found all of the essentials that you’re looking for in your next family vehicle, it’s time to take these four wheels out for a spin. And don’t just drive the car down the road to see how smooth and easy it is to drive it. Rather, you should also consider whether you feel high enough up, can easily park it and that the back seats are just as comfortable as the front ones.

Ensuring your next family car has all of these essentials will make sure those family road trips are safe, comfortable and enjoyable.


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