Why You Should Take Adult Horse Riding Lessons

Do you ever feel as though a few things have slipped you by? Wish you’d persevered more with those piano lessons when you were younger? Wish you’d pursued ballet a little further when you were told to?

Many of us look back on our childhoods and adolescence with a sense of nostalgia – we had the world at our feet and just didn’t know it.

However, if horse riding is something you used to enjoy or wish you’d tried – it’s not too late.

The benefits of horse riding

Here’s why horse riding is a great pastime for adults and why you can still don those jodhpurs for women and jump on the back of a horse:

You’re Never Too Old to Ride

First, if you think you’re ‘too old’ to ride a horse – think again.

Many people in their 40s, 50s, 60s and over enjoy horse riding and the wealth of benefits it can provide them with. Ultimately, if you’re in reasonable health and can afford lessons or your own horse, nothing should get in your way.

That said, being fit is an important part of horse riding because the fitter you are, the easier it’ll be. There’s a lot of body awareness, agility and strength which goes into horse riding so it’s important to take things slow and build yourself up as you get used to riding horses.

The health benefits of horse riding

As I’ve just mentioned, there’s a lot of fitness involved in horse riding which is why it’s a great form of exercise. The more you ride the more you’ll build up your core strength, flexibility and energy. Plus, if you help with mucking out the stables and other such jobs, this will go towards burning even more calories, too!

Not only that, but the boost this exercise gives you is great for your mental health. And taking that time out to go horse riding also gives you some ‘you time’, which is important for restoring and rejuvenating your mindset.

Make it social and a fun challenge

As well as the physical and mental benefits horse riding offers you, it’s also the perfect way to get involved in some social activities.

This could be friendly competitions that see you meeting like-minded individuals and forging new friendships. What’s more, a healthy level of competition also fuels that desire to succeed – something you may feel you’ve lacked for quite some time.

Ultimately, taking on horse riding when you’re an adult is a great, meaningful challenge. It shows you that you are able to step outside your comfort zone and take part in new, exciting things. Plus, as you start to become adept at horse riding, there’s always a new challenge to be had, whether that’s learning to ride a new horse or taking part in a different set of competitions.


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