3 Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Bedroom

It’s easy to feel a little frazzled at this time of year, isn’t it?  Whether it’s the stress of your kids sitting their exams, running around sorting out kit for sports day or leaving discos or preparing for the big move to secondary school, it’s easy to let your self-care slip a little.

Personally, whenever I am feeling under par, I retreat to the safe haven of my bedroom but just lately it has been looking a little less zen and rather cluttered.  Is there anything worse than unpacking your holiday suitcases and coping with the mountain of washing?!

If your bedroom is not a tranquil place or a glamorous boudoir, there’s a very quick way to update it so that it is yours again – and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.  Simply switch up your bedding.

1. Add comfort with a bedspread

Whilst satin sheets and high thread count cotton bed linen may be on your wishlist, a brilliant way to upgrade your bed on a budget is to invest in a bedspread.

If you have neutral walls as I do, a new bedspread can add a pop of colour to brighten the space or perhaps add a different texture for visual appeal. You can also vary your choice of bedspread depending on the season.

A chunky knit bedspread in soft wool is ‘hygge’ enough for cooler autumn and winter evenings whilst a lightweight bedspread is ideal for hot summer nights when you don’t want heavy bedding.

You can also use them to completely change the mood of the room.  Fancy a little Hollywood glamour?  You’ll find bedspreads with satin, sequins and tassels.  If you want peace and calm, then go plainer with your colour choice.

A beautiful bedspread can even become a family heirloom.  I still have bedspreads my grandparents loved but I have retired the Day-Glo orange and yellow ones my parents had in the 70s!

2. Add atmosphere with bedside lighting

You can find loads of inexpensive bedside lights from the traditional reading lights, to mini chandeliers and velvet lampshades. My bedside light operates by touch so you don’t have to fumble around for the light switch in the dark.  Great for kids too.

Dark recesses in your bedroom may benefit from uplighters or taller standalone lights.  Get creative.  There really is no need to stick with the old fashioned one ceiling pendant in the middle of the room.

3. Change the curtains

Matching the colour of your curtains and bedding can really pull a room together and if your windows are not a standard size, sometimes it pays to invest in made to measure drapes.  I’m a big fan of blackout linings too to stop early morning sunlight streaming in and waking you or the kids up. Allergy sufferers should consider blinds which are easier to clean.

Sometimes life is just too busy to stop and plan a renovation but quick changes like these can save the pennies and make your bedroom a place of rest, not stress.


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