4 Roofing services you need to pay for

Most homeowners like to tinker around their house. They are reluctant to ask for help partially because of their pride and partially because they want to save money.

One of the more concerning issues that homeowners are facing is roof repairs. Our roofs are susceptible to all sorts of damage and require regular maintenance. But, most people prefer repairing it themselves. Besides the fact that this is a risky endeavour, there is a good chance you will miss some damaged spots or further damage the roof during the process.

No matter what you think about roofing services and contractors, sometimes it is simply easier to call a roofing company like Do It Right roofing and let them take care of the business.

Here are some of the cases where you should most certainly rely on roofing services and contractors instead of making repairs yourself.

Repairing shingles

The most common type of repair you need to perform is changing the shingles. Many homeowners rely on traditional asphalt shingles which are very fragile. As a result, they will often fall off or get damaged forcing you to act immediately.

While it is relatively easy to spot missing shingles, it is much harder to realize when a shingle needs a replacement. Slight discolouration may tell you that you have to make a repair.

Furthermore, shingles are troublesome as homeowners are often cost-conscious and unwilling to fix the surrounding area. Once a shingle gets damaged, the surrounding ones will likely become fragile and wobbly. So, if you don’t replace all of them, there is a good chance that one the surrounding shingles will fall or crack forcing you to repeat the process.

Damage to gutters

Damage to gutters is much more obvious. You can also spot an issue if rainwater starts spilling and going where it’s not supposed to go.

Gutters are an important drain that prevents rainwater from damaging your home and pavement beneath the roof. Continuous exposure to water will lead to small cracks, increased humidity and too much mud on the ground beneath.

Gutters are made from thin materials which makes cracks common. Another issue that you might be facing is an increase of debris within the gutters. Leaves can also be problematic during autumn as they tend to clog them and force the water outwards.

Chimney issues

When we talk about chimneys, the most common issue that appears is damage to flashing. It is a thin metal that surrounds the chimney and provides isolation. Without it, leaks can easily appear as the area is sensitive and can be penetrated. It also helps keep everything together and has an aesthetic purpose.

In terms of the chimney itself, bricks may be missing either from its middle section or from the top of it. The whole area needs to be secured so there are no issues going forward.

Cutting the branches

There are lots of reasons why you should cut the branches from surrounding trees. During autumn, their leaves will start falling on the roof and clogging gutters.

While this isn’t a major issue, it is a nuisance that you will need to address constantly. The much bigger issue is if you have a tree close to your home and in particular to your roof.

Given that most roofing material is fragile, strong swings of the branches during a storm can cause damage to both shingles and gutters.

Now, most homeowners feel that this is something they can handle themselves but it’s not always a good idea.

Although you are able to trim the branches, you might go overboard and trim too much. This will affect the appearance of your trees and cause unnecessary damage.


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