Easy Ways To Make Your Living Space Your Own

Whether you live in a tiny city flat or a spacious country mansion, it’s those finishing touches that really make a house a home. The size of your property really doesn’t matter when it comes to adding your personal stamp, all you need is a little creative flair and a modest budget.  Here are some easy ways to transform your living environment into something special, cosy and unique.

Update your flooring with rugs

It’s amazing how soft furnishings such as cushions, throws, lampshades and curtains can brighten a room and complement the interior design of your property.

I’m a big fan of rugs too as they are a really versatile way to update a space quickly and cheaply.  If you have kids as messy as mine, you may baulk at the thought of investing in expensive carpet – at least until the risks of tummy troubles and endless crafting with glitter have reduced!

If you have lots of floor tiles in your property, these are often cold underfoot in the winter and a soft rug can add an extra touch of comfort on those chilly winter mornings.

You’ll find rugs in a myriad of textures and colours but a pretty safe bet is to choose a white, black or grey rug as these colours will go with anything.  A white shaggy rug will add a touch of luxury too – particularly to a bedroom.

Changing your rugs for new patterns, colours or styles is also a great way to keep up with ever-changing trends in interior design.  Striking geometric patterns are currently in vogue as are nomadic designs, larger than life floral patterns and even vintage designs.

If anyone suffers from allergies in your home, rugs are a great way to minimise exposure to household dust as they are easier to clean.  Small rugs can be taken outside to air or even washed in the event of child or pet-related accidents.

Internal doors

Believe it or not, you don’t have to undergo a complete renovation or spend a lot of money to get your home up to scratch. Replacing internal doors, for instance, is a simple, easy and cost-effective way to instantly personalise and upgrade the appearance of your abode. With so many different styles and designs available you won’t be short of choice but remember to factor this home improvement into your budget to ensure you’ve got enough cash to do the job properly.

Feature wall

Anyone can paint their walls beige or pop up some wallpaper – but what about unleashing your artistic flair by creating a feature wall? There are many techniques you can use from free painting and stencilling to sponge painting and experimenting with tape designs, so have a look online for some inspiration and think about what you want to achieve. When choosing where to paint your design, opting for a middle wall can be a good idea as it helps to give the room a focal point.

Photographs and artwork

Hanging pictures of your family on the walls is a great way to bring your memories to life and relive them every single day. You’ll feel good when you walk past and see them – and when you have guests, those beautiful images of your loved ones are sure to provide a talking point.

As well as your favourite snaps, you could also think about investing in some artwork which really catches your eye. Not everyone has the same tastes and while some people may prefer expensive artwork painted by the very best artists, others may opt for street art that touches their heart instead – so go with what feels right for you. Before you buy, however, think about where your new pictures will go and take measurements in advance to ensure you make sensible purchases.

Transforming a property from bricks and mortar to somewhere that’s loved doesn’t have to be a daunting experience.

Why not create your own mood board with your favourite colours, styles and textures, perhaps using an online resource such as Pinterest, then make small changes as and when you have the time and budget.

You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve.


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  1. Andrew Ricketts
    14 October, 2019 / 11:44 am

    Some great tips! thanks!

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