Secrets for Staying in Tip Top Shape While You Are Travelling

When you travel, you tend to let your guard down as you enjoy and live in the moment. This could mean indulging yourself in your favourite activities and food. It can be tempting to gorge yourself in every new delicacy you find without a care about your diet. It can be as appealing to skip out on exercise while on the road, too. But if you want to maintain your shape while travelling, take note of a few essential strategies to keep up with your fitness.

Eat a Big and Healthy Breakfast

A healthy breakfast is important to stay fit while travelling. (Image Source: Pexels)

There is a tendency to skip breakfast while travelling. For you to stay in shape, though, breakfast is the one meal that you cannot afford to skip. It will give you the energy to perform the activities you have planned for the day. At the same time, it can keep you from over-indulging on snacks as you go about your itinerary.

It is important to not just eat a big breakfast but to also make sure it is a healthy one. Choose foods that are filling and will give you energy for the rest of the day. This is also a practical tip because you can stick to your budget and resist the urge to keep buying food.

Bring Water While Travelling

It is a good idea to bring a reusable water bottle. It is important to stay hydrated especially if you will be walking around all day. With a reusable water bottle, you can refill it when you find a water station. It will also keep you from drinking soda and other non-healthy drinks. Many of these carbonated drinks can leave you feeling bloated.

There are also plenty of health benefits when you drink lots of water. Make sure you maintain this habit even when you are travelling.

Walk, Walk, Walk!

Walking is one of the best forms of exercises that you can do when you travel. Instead of riding a cab to your tourist destination, why not walk there instead? There are also plenty of advantages when you choose to walk to your destination, aside from being able to save money.

Walk instead of taking a cab to stay fit during your travel. (Image Source: Pexels)

It will enable you to discover hidden gems in the city that you would not normally stumble upon when riding a cab or other forms of public transport. You can also stop by at any of these local attractions or find hole-in-the-wall restaurants. There is so much more you can experience when you opt to walk around while you travel, which adds more spontaneity to the trip. All of these you get to enjoy as you burn calories!

Choose Healthy Meals

While it is fine to indulge in local delicacies and treats, make sure you choose healthy food options when you travel. The best way to do so is to prepare your own meals. Depending on your accommodation, you can cook dishes best suited to your needs. This is a money-saving tip that will also have health benefits.

If possible, avoid having more than two consecutive indulgent meals as well. For example: if you choose to indulge during lunch, make sure you eat a healthy dinner. Or, if you indulged during dinner, make sure to have a healthy breakfast the day after. Eating healthy is a conscious effort, especially when you are travelling.

Pack Non-Perishable and Healthy Snacks

There are plenty of non-perishable healthy snacks sold in local markets these days. Make sure to pack a few of those on your trip. Dried nuts and mixed berries, granola bars, and protein bars are a good example of these healthy snacks. The best thing about them is that they are easy to carry around with you. These types of snacks provide nourishment and will make you feel full without the guilt.

Take a Morning Jog

Make jogging a part of your daily routine when you travel. The great thing about jogging to get fit is that you can do this regardless of the type of environment you are in. You can jog by the beach or in the countryside. It is also a great way to explore and enjoy the views of your travel destination.

Jogging in the morning is the best way to rejuvenate as you start the day. It will make you feel relaxed and energized for what lies ahead.  

Take the Stairs

When you are staying in hotels or hostels, ditch the elevator and take the stairs instead. Like walking, it is a great way to incorporate physical activity into your daily routine. You can also use this as a way to burn off those extra calories you gained while indulging on some local treats. It is a simple change to your routine but it will help significantly if you do it on a regular basis.

Download a Fitness App

The advent of apps has transformed the way people look at health and fitness these days. When you are able to monitor your activity, it gives you added motivation to keep up and reach for your goals. Download your ideal fitness app so you can find the best workouts to incorporate into your day. The best part is that you do not need to hit the gym in order to perform these workouts.

Book a Hotel with a Gym

Squeeze in a workout in your hotel gym. (Image Source: Pexels)

Hotels offer guests plenty of facilities and amenities that can be enjoyed for free. When booking one for your next travel, look for ones that have a gym that you can use throughout the duration of your stay. It is a great way to maximize your hotel booking and to maintain your workout routine.

One of the reasons why a lot of travellers neglect their fitness routine during travel is due to lack of access to a gym. But when you have one in your hotel, it is easy to squeeze in 30 minutes to an hour of workout.

The Bottom Line

The decision to get fit and stay in shape is a commitment. Make sure you stick to that commitment even when you are on a trip. Travelling should not be an excuse to over-indulge and neglect your fitness routine. If you want to know how you can maintain your physique even when travelling, make sure to read this too. This guide will provide you with an extensive list of exercises that you can perform to maintain your form and shape.



  1. Darrell Perry
    24 August, 2019 / 4:28 am

    I think the easiest way to stay healthy is swimming. This is great for people of all ages / sizes. Just 30 minutes a day will keep you healthy and if you go early you miss the crowds 😉

  2. Nigel Soper
    28 June, 2019 / 10:09 pm

    Great advice; but – but -but -what about those of us confined to a wheel chair whether through affliction or accident? I am afraid for some of us walking, walking, walking, or jogging is a mere memory. In fact I first felt the effects of arthritis in my knees whilst jogging and jogging certainly didn’t make the pain better. I would advocate caution! Walking, walking, walking, and jogging is great while fit but enjoy while you can as it may not last.

    • linda
      29 June, 2019 / 9:19 am

      Nigel you are right and that’s a great topic for a blog post. I will get researching – is there anything that has worked for you?

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