It IS possible to relax on a family holiday! 4 ways you can catch a break on holiday

When we think of family holidays in the sun, visions of happy memories, golden photo opportunities, happy smiling children are usually replaced with the realities of screaming toddlers, siblings arguing, moody teens and you and your partner desperately trying to have a good time….

Family holidays aren’t known for their relaxing status. And while you and your partner would probably prefer a mini break to Italy – check out this site for the latest opera ticket prices – family holidays can be something that everyone can enjoy.

Here I’ve put together 4 ways you can relax on your family holiday. Enjoy!

Don’t be a slave to routine

You could be halfway across the world, or halfway across the country. Either way, you’re on holiday! So, leave your everyday routine at home! You might all be eaten and dressed and ready to roll by 8 am on your average workday, but if you all sleep in late – that’s fine!

If the kids are taking their time getting dressed because they’re excited, then so be it. Barking orders and constantly clock watching is a sure fire way to increase your stress levels and make everyone cross and grumpy. The beach isn’t going anywhere.

If you have activities planned then wait until later in the holiday when things are little more settled.

Do something without the kids

You might feel terribly guilty doing activities away from the children, but they might actually appreciate spending a little time doing something that’s just for them, or the opportunity to get to know other children at the resort.

Take advantage of the kids’ clubs available to you, even if it’s just for a couple of hours. You and your partner can enjoy some quiet time in the sun and reconnect or have some fun without the kids at the waterpark or on the beach. There’s nothing wrong with a nap, either!

Don’t cram too much in

It’s easy to get carried away and fill your time with lots of activities and walks and big plans so that everyone can have the best holiday ever. Not only is that putting far too much pressure on yourself but cramming in too much into your itineraries is going to make everyone stressed.

Have a few days of the holiday where you’re all just enjoying the pool, the accommodation, at the beach or just enjoying each other’s company. You’ll all make memories whether or not you win the sandcastle competition or not!

Take it in turns

Holidaying with your family is tiring, so help each other out. Taking it in turns to be up with the kids when they get up ensures that both of you get a bit of a lie in on alternative days and either one of you don’t feel like you’re doing everything…the same applies with things like supervising the kids in the pool while one of you reads their book, or even taking the kids to the bathroom during your dinner. Work as a team and everything will run much smoother.


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