How Can Tile Design Make Your Home Design More Appealing?

It is no wonder that kitchens and bathrooms are the two most renovated spaces in homes in the UK. Most families spend a considerable amount of time in these two special rooms in which tiles can (or should) play a starring role.

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Tiles have always been the material of choice in these spaces because they are sturdy, easy to clean, and practical. Lately, they have taken a whole new importance in home design. Tiles can now mimic other materials, form part of an artistic design, or bring other cultures into the modern British home. These are just a few of the top trends to watch out for.

Natural and Neutral

Modern, simple, clean spaces continue to hold sway in contemporary homes, with natural light joined to neutral hues to make for comfortable yet peaceful interiors that feel like home.

Just a few years ago, tiny Arabian tiles were gracing showers in the trendiest of homes but now larger, almost invisible tiles have returned to the fore, dressing bathrooms in light coffee and eggshell hues.

Large tiles with flat, almost imperceptible borders are gracing walk-in showers. They are equally subtle on flooring, usually bearing hues like light grey, white, or beige. Beautiful flooring is married to suspended cabinetry, standing bathtubs, and gorgeous accent spotlights, fitted within scaffolding for a ‘starlight, starbright’ effect.

Mosaic Tiles as Art 

Mosaic tiles make an artistic statement, and they are present as ever behind suspended basins (in bathrooms). They are additionally gracing kitchen walls, the sides of central islands, and the main structures of home bars.

If you’d like to include this ‘tiny’ tiled effect (in a myriad of colours and effects) to your home, why not start with a small space – for instance, the space surrounding a bathroom mirror? A simple geometric tiled frame, or a column of tiles in a key area of your bathroom will add a touch of colour in an otherwise neutral space.

Tiles on flooring

Tiles are now an ideal choice of flooring for living rooms, as well as bathrooms and kitchens. Ceramic tiles with wood effects, for instance, are an ideal choice for living rooms adjacent to swimming pools.

These tiles are sturdy and water resistant, and they are subtle and easy to clean. Because materials mimic wood, marble, and other attractive materials while having a better ‘grip’, they are a fantastic choice for families.

In homes with small children, beautiful rugs can be used to add style and comfort to spaces like the TV/living area.

Tiles have made a comeback thanks no new materials that make them look like smoother, more organic components of flooring, showers, and kitchen furniture. The Arabian or mosaic tiled effect continues to hold sway, especially in artistic designs that seek to draw the eye towards a particular area of the room.

If you are considering a floor or wall change, or you simply wish to jazz up any room with tiles, check out the wide range of finishes, colours, and styles available. You may end up choosing tiles for more than just one project.



  1. Handyman Newcastle 0191
    7 November, 2019 / 8:21 am

    Having my own design is a way to go. I have designed tiles in the past and I’m still doing it with my handyman company.

  2. Sandra Fortune
    23 August, 2019 / 11:21 am

    Love tiles they make such a difference and so many styles and shapes to choose from. Currently looking for some for my kitchen which is huge

  3. Kirstie Evans
    22 August, 2019 / 2:19 pm

    I love the creativity of tiles.

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