Professional Tips to Remember When Hiring Drink Glasses

The bigger the party, the quicker the drinks go. Often, it seems that no matter how many glasses you have available, you just never have enough to go around.

There are different reasons why you may never seem to have enough drinking glasses for your parties and gatherings. For one, buying glassware isn’t always an affordable solution for serving your guests. Additionally, storing your drinking glasses can certainly become a hassle, especially if you don’t host get-togethers frequently.

Rather than never having enough drinking glasses, or buying more and then trying to figure out where on Earth to store them, consider hiring glassware for your next event. Here are four tips to consider when hiring drink glasses:

Select drinking glasses that suit the beverage(s) you’ll be serving

There are many ways to be a good host. However, one of the tips many fail to consider is picking out the right type of drinking glasses based on the beverages they’re going to be serving their guests, whether it’s sparkling apple cider or their favourite cocktail.

After all, the size, shape, and style of your glass can positively alter the smell and flavour of certain beverages you serve. Why let your guests settle for less? There’s a reason why there are so many styles of glassware out there. From tumblers to red wine glasses, the varieties of glassware you pick from making a significant difference.

Consider how fancy your event will be

Having silly shot glasses at a five-star wedding or crystal champagne flutes at a casual backyard birthday party are bad moves, and not to mention, is pretty embarrassing. It’s important to select drinking glasses that reflect the formality of your event as much as possible.

Buy enough so everyone can have one glass per hour of the party

Especially when it comes to weddings and other fancy events where adult beverages play a prominent role, it’s ideal to have enough glassware to allow each guest to have a drink each hour of the party.

For example, if your wedding reception will have 100 people and is expected to last three hours, 300 glasses should be available just to be on the safe side. After all, drinks may get lost, a glass or two may accidentally break, or someone may want multiple drinks of different beverages.

Pick the material of the glassware based on who will be at the event

Will there mostly be wild college students at the gathering? Are children expected to be present? Or will the party mainly consist of older adults? Generally, who will be attending makes all the difference when it comes to selecting the right glassware to rent. For instance, consider glass-like plastic or less-delicate glassware if many children will be at the party or gathering.


Although some frequent party hosts may prefer to buy drinking glasses in bulk and store them in their garage, basement, or attic after the festivity is over, others find it more convenient to simply hire drink glasses instead. We all have our individual preferences.

When hiring drink glasses, it’s important to consider what beverages you’ll be serving, the fanciness of your event, how many guests will be attending, and who will be present. With these in mind, you’ll be one step closer to a proper party.


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