1 July, 2019

Review: Scaramanga Leather Travel Wallet

Now I may not travel very far but when I do venture out I like to do it in style.  I’ve recently discovered Scaramanga where you will find a gorgeous range of handmade leather bags, wallets and accessories, and vintage furniture too.

Inspired by iconic British vintage leather bags, their design team develops exclusive designs which are then lovingly handmade by skilled leather workers using traditional techniques and tools.

Their bags are affordable classics and you’ll find everything from traditional satchels and messenger bags to women’s handbags and travel accessories.

You’ll even find iPad and laptop sleeves, smartphone cases and glasses cases.

I was sent the travel wallet which has room for documents, schedules and passports.

This leather wallet is a slim classic design which will easily fit into your hand luggage.

Your documents will easily slide into one pocket, while coins, money and cards will remain safe in the zipper pocket. There is also a designated flap pocket for your passport.

The travel wallet functions as a folder but has a magnetic closure to keep your belongings secure, just a like a wallet.

I loved the vintage feel of the wallet and the authentic leather look. The leather hides Scaramanga use have all been processed and tanned to give a distressed leather finish and each hide may be slightly different from the next.

So, for example, the grain on the hide may be a little uneven or have natural marks on it and the colour may even vary. Because of this, every bag is unique and the leather will naturally soften as you use it.

To give you an idea of the size of the document pocket, it will easily take a Kindle Paperwhite with room to spare.

The zipper pocket is a nice touch to keep your currency on hand and separate from your sterling.

No more routing around your handbag at the check-in desk looking for your passport.  I don’t know about you but I find myself checking for my passport constantly en route – and with this, I will know exactly where it is.

Even though check-in for flights and tickets can now be done online, there’s nothing like the romance of stylish luggage and accessories, is there?

Your leather accessories will need proper care to keep them at their best and you can find all the advice you need on the website.

59 responses to “Review: Scaramanga Leather Travel Wallet”

  1. Natalie Gillham says:

    I once visited Jaywick at the end of Clacton, it was a depressing place with the main feature being a job centre surrounded by yobs that hang out in its one pub. I couldn’t get out of there quick enough.

  2. Natalie Crossan says:

    I didn’t like Egypt. I found it too noisy and a lot of places we tried to eat were very unhygenic. Our hotel was a total disaster too

  3. Jayne Townson says:

    I can’t think of any where bad I visited, we’ve been lucky to go to some really nice places.

  4. lorraine kirk says:

    Albufeira, just everything that is wrong with Brits abroad!!

  5. Meryl Thomas says:

    Oh dear I hate to say that anywhere is bad, but I was in the Cayman Islands and it was so hot I stayed indoors the whole time.

  6. Michelle Ferguson says:

    Turkey, the men were creepy and didn’t feel safe quite a lot of the time

  7. Jodie W says:

    I hated Los Angeles, so vast and frightening riding the bus in the dark as a single female and I have travelled a fair amount. I found the divide between white/black and rich/poor to be stark and very uncomfortable.

    Weather was lovely though.

  8. James Travis says:

    Lllandudno, beach was so pebbly, and full of jellyfish

  9. Anthea Holloway says:

    Nebraska! I have visited every one of the US states and Nebraska doesn’t seem to have much going for it. There are few scenic places to visit, no mountains or valleys and no really large cities either. I am sure that the people who live there love it but it certainly was not my favourite state!

  10. Tracy Clark says:

    I was once in the South of France and the tat vendors would not leave you alone when you were on the beach

  11. Ellen Stafford says:

    Pontins Sandy Bay – vile!

  12. Lynn Neal says:

    Blackpool sae front seems to have gone down a bit in the last couple of years lookes a bit dreary and run down when we visited this year but we were very early on in the season!

  13. Sheri Darby says:

    Plymouth, I found it quite soulless despite its incredible history. All car parks and retail parks

  14. Margaret Clarkson says:

    I wasn’t mad keen on the Isle of Man, quite a bit of it was run down and the countryside wasn’t as beautiful as I was expecting.

  15. Nadia Josephine says:

    Tunisia, It was awful and kept get harassed by men in the street. They would just grab me and I was only 15. It got so bad I could not leave the hotel. My mum complained to the holiday rep and they just said “It is their culture”

  16. Geri Gregg says:

    Colwyn bay! I visited as a child and the pier was boarded up and closed, next to 0 shops or stuff to do and it was raining!

  17. Susan B says:

    A seaside town in Cornwall during the last recession. A pretty beach but the town centre was rather sad looking and full of greasy spoons. Hopefully things have improved since then.

  18. paula cheadle says:

    went to Morcombe bay, about 18 years ago, went during the summer months BUT everything was closed. Nothing to do

  19. Lesley Bradley says:

    Cairo, it’s filthy! The Pyramids/ Sphinx are awesome but the whole area is covered in rubbish and surrounded by fast food places!

  20. Lorna Ledger says:

    I am sorry if any one lives here, but…. Leicester City center was not fun, we (me and my 15 year old daughter) got accosted 4 times in about 30 minutes just waiting for a connecting coach 🙁

  21. Sharon Lou Johnson says:

    has to be blackpool sea front!!
    now i really do understand what they say about the black cloudy sea is soooooooo true!

  22. Ursula Hunt says:

    I visited Albania, it was filthy and very run down and the pavements were very unkempt, generally not a pleasant experience

  23. Julia says:

    Coventry was a sad place to visit.
    Just not a lot going for it! !

  24. Joyce W says:

    The Gambia – I had an upset tummy for the whole time I was there

  25. Margaret Wacey says:

    Worst place I have ever visited was luckily not a holiday – Sleaford in Lincolnshire which must be the number 1 most boring place in the UK.

  26. Alice Gilkes says:

    Blackpool, because I think it’s overrated and the weather was cold and wet all day.

  27. Katrina Adams says:

    I feel very lucky reading through these comments as I can’t say I’ve ever been somewhere that I feels close to being adequate for ‘worst place’. The only thing I can come up with, is when we used to go to Beccles, as a kid I would find it pretty dull but as an adult I think the place is lovely. All about perspective.

  28. Ruth Harwood says:

    Tunisia wasn’t nice when we visited – they certainly can’t make coffee, or be as nice to tourists as they should be!

  29. Philip says:

    I like most places, but the worst place I ever stayed was an all inclusive resort in the Dominican Republic. The resort was great, the country was great, the problem was my friends didn’t want to leave the resort, 2 weeks of boredom and the worst holiday in my life. Previous holidays with the same people were great, we explored places and went on walks, but because it was all inclusive they wanted to get their moneys worth and in my opinion, lost the value of their holiday.

  30. Alison Johnson says:

    I remember going on holiday to Portugal with my parents when I was about 13 & they hadn’t checked about all the building work that was going on in the local area, so we stayed in a villa in the middle of a building site & the villa was infested with ants! Totally horrible 2 weeks for my first ever holiday abroad.

  31. Rebecca Nisbet says:

    We stopped off at Blackpool once, it was literally arcade, tattooist, rock shop, pub, arcade, tattooist, rock shop pub and then B&B’s scattered everywhere! plus you can breath walking along because the wind was so strong! spent 15 minutes there and left!

  32. Margaret GALLAGHER says:

    Venice !! Wrong time of year ! The stench was so overpowering no felt sick the whole time
    Id go again at a different time

  33. Adrian Bold says:

    Mumbai, India – Just a terrible city with pollution, overcrowding and terrible poverty.

  34. Mary Heald says:

    Blackpool…….the hotel was awful, weather terrible

  35. Brandon Hutchison says:

    I really didn’t like the part of Portugal I was in. I was in Albufeira, and it definitely wasn’t my cup of tea! Very boring and a bit dirty.

  36. Susie Wilkinson says:

    The isle of Wight, mainly because the campsite was on a hillside and when it rained it was like a river running through the tent!

  37. Natalie Burgess says:

    Weston Super Mare. We went there for the first time a few weeks ago…..everybody seemed miserable, it felt depressing and we couldnt wait to leave! Xx

  38. fiona waterworth says:

    worst place was London, impossible to find your way around and got pestered by beggars

  39. Andrea Fletcher says:

    The worst place I have visited was Benidorm before having children would definitely not go back.

  40. judy kennedy says:

    Fuengirola stayed at my aunts flat too many English bars. Must say surprised at peoples comments about Turkey. The food was great, the people and so much to see

  41. Susan Smith says:

    Corfu, as we are not beach or pub people we found there wasnt much to see and do

  42. Malta, because we had the worst hotel imaginable, filthy, full of cockroaches and with inedible food

  43. Annaloa Hilmarsdottir says:

    Benidorm – We might as well have benn in a slummy seaside resort in Britain with crowds of badly dressed (or undressed, drunken British lager louts.

  44. Sandra Fortune says:

    I have to say I’ve never been abroad but the worst place I’ve been to is Bradford in West Yorkshire it really is awful . Used to be quite a nice place when I was younger but it’s terrible now. Somewhere I won’t be visiting again

  45. MARIA ROGERS says:

    ALBUFEIRA in Portugal – I was ashamed to be British, place was full of Brit yobs behaving badly, wearing union jack shorts, drunk, sports bars everywhere. Hotel horrendous, blood on sheets on arrival. Luggage lost at airport. Holiday from Hell!

  46. Andrew says:

    Turkey, the atmosphere is pretty bad especially near shops

  47. Solange says:

    I’ve actually loved everywhere I’ve been but if I had to choose, I would say Dubai just because it was so hot.

  48. Terrie-Ann Wright says:

    My least favourite place to visit was Egypt, outside of the resort its like a third world country and having armed officer get on excursion buses didn’t make me feel safe at all. There were lots of children begging which was a shame to see as clearly the government don’t look after their people. My husband had just returned from Afghanistan and he described it as like going back to there.

  49. Darrell Perry says:

    I went to Iceland in December, which was a big mistake as there were only 4 to 5 hours of daylight. So guided tours were in almost pitch darkness, so impossible to see anything. Also went to Memphis, Tennessee, which was hit by multiple tornadoes and was forced to stay in the hotel the entire time, watching out of the windows as the tornadoes tore up the city & knocked out the electric supplies.

  50. Jack Nicholson says:


  51. Helen Best says:

    The worst place I’ve ever visited was Turkey just wasn’t impressed with the place wouldn’t go back

  52. Globetrotter says:

    The worst place I visited was actually in the UK, but I don’t want to name the town in case of repercussions! This town was worse than anything I encountered in Europe, Africa or the Far East!

  53. Priscilla Stubbs says:

    I wasn’t over impressed with Paris. I’m sure what I expected but the atmosphere did nothing for me

  54. Tracy Nixon says:

    Turkey – I hated the coffee and there was lots of shanty towns.

  55. Louise Laing says:

    Worst place I have visited was Turkey, really didn’t like the atmosphere and lack of things to visit and do.

  56. andrea tinkler says:

    Fuerteventura was very dull

  57. Peter Watson says:

    TYhe worst place I have visited is Cairo,as it is so polluted and I got food poisoning.