A Southern Day Trip With The Kids – Keeping Everyone Entertained

The school holidays begin tomorrow and, for many, the long summer break has already begun. Now, the only issue with the summer holidays with children is finding a way, or a lot of ways, to keep them entertained all summer long.

Sadly, you can’t spend the whole six weeks on a summer holiday aboard, in fact, these are getting a little too pricey these days, especially with the uncertainty over BREXIT.  Only today the predictions for the UK economy in the event of a likely no-deal BREXIT are not exactly encouraging.

At least you can go on a day trip here in the UK, which is sure to keep everyone happy – and support our own tourist industry too.

One of our favourite ways to travel is by train.  Obviously, you don’t want to rack up too many miles on a day trip but we can go as far as Brighton, or thereabouts and a train journey adds some extra fun to the excursion.  It’s certainly a welcome break from sitting in a queue on the motorway in the hot sun!

So whether you’re travelling from Wales to Brighton, London Bridge to Brighton or even Birmingham or Bristol to Brighton, here are some things to do with the kids outdoors.


In this area, you’ll find plenty of places to go walking, which may sound a bit bizarre, but trust me, it’s a great activity to take part in.

Not only will you and the children get to enjoy the great outdoors, but you’ll also be keeping fit and healthy, while also helping them to burn steam so they go straight to bed later on. It’s also not a pricey affair, as you’ll be able to pack some lunches in a bag and go off on your jollies.

Filled with wondrous fauna and flora, and the odd bit of history, and not forgetting great sights, places to experience for walks are the Arlington Bluebell Walk, Devils Dyke and Ditchling Beacon and Saxon Shore way, to name a few.


There are plenty of lovely things to see and do here too.

If you can get to Oxfordshire, there’s obviously the stunning universities and the many spires that are waiting to be looked at. Fans of the TV series Inspector Morse and Endeavour will enjoy seeing the locations where so many of the episodes were filmed too and then there is the nearby splendour of Blenheim Palace.

Meanwhile, Brighton way is filled with other amazing awe-inspiring places from the beaches to the South Downs and even the lanes where you’ll find all sorts of quaint shops (and jewellers!).

Oh and don’t forget to take the children to the pier.

Unique places

Maybe your kids want a little something different, well, there’s something for everyone there too.

From Millets Farm Falconry Centre to the Crocodiles of the World, you’ll find more than your fair share of wildlife Oxfordshire way. Meanwhile, Preston Manor in Brighton and Buscot House in Faringdon are ideal for kids that love a little history.

Of course, there are plenty of other things to do with the little ones. But, if you want places filled with nature, history, and all-round fun that won’t break the bank, these are a few good places to start.


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