10 Essentials For Your Wedding Checklist

When you are planning for the biggest day of your life, you need two things quick smart: a pen and paper. Lists are life, and plans are everything if you want things to work without fail. When you get engaged, life starts to spin quickly, which means you need to jot down your ideas as soon as they pop into your head. With that in mind, here are ten things that should be on your wedding checklist, so that you can ensure everything goes smoothly.

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  1. Folders. You need somewhere to keep your receipts, quotes, lists and templates of invitations and save the dates. Folders are lifesavers when you are surrounded by bits of paper, and you can be professional and organised with the right one.
  2. Finances. One of your many lists should detail your budget. You need to have a financial list so that you know that you can afford a live band or that Vera Wang gown. Your planning and searching are going to be budget based, so get that down in writing first so that you have a figure to work from.
  3. Guests. Understanding how many guests you and your groom want at the wedding is crucial. IT defines what size venue you need, how many you need to cater for, how many invitations, and how many bottles of wine you need to order. The guest list needs confirming early – so jot it down as soon as you can.
  4. Delegate. On your lists, you need to think about delegating to others. You can’t shoulder the burden of an entire wedding by yourself and your mother is likely chomping at the bit to get involved. Let her! You will achieve your goals for your wedding day much better with the tasks spread out.
  5. Confirmations. All of your confirmations for quotes from vendors, booking references, supplier information all should be put together in a secure folder. You can keep an eye on the suppliers that you’ve contacted, and you can confirm what you need to to ensure that everything is kept on track. 
  6. Photographers. For your engagement, you may have had a photoshoot. Use the same photographers for your wedding if they are available. You’ll know their details already, and you may even be able to book a package early with a good discount.
  7. Caterers. Booking in advance is essential, and you need to think about allergies and special meals that you may need to plan. Wedding meals aren’t just the main serving, either. You may have nibbles and appetisers with Pimms on entry, and you should think about a later buffet after the dancing. 
  8. Honeymoons. Holidays are always fun to plan, and this one is the one you REALLY want to enjoy. Your honeymoon should be carefully researched and designed early so that you can snag the best deals.
  9. Invitations. These are something to buy the moment your guest list is finalised. People need notice, and you need to do some research into the designs that you want. 
  10. Double Check. Lastly, you need to double-check everything that you’ve done and tick as you go. Once a job is finished, mark it as such so that you don’t overdo it!


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  1. fiona waterworth
    14 September, 2019 / 9:20 pm

    My daughters getting married next year, so I have copied your list for her as its so handy

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