Review: Plantpal Automatic Plant Pot Watering System

I don’t have the greatest track record for keeping plants alive and, in all honesty, any that do manage to survive my tendency to overwater them, are often forgotten when we go on holiday.  If you have elderly parents, expecting them to trudge round to water your motley houseplant selection seems beyond the pale.  I have, however, discovered a solution which will delight ham-fisted plant owners and gardening enthusiasts alike – it’s the Plantpal Watering System. Using the system is simplicity itself.

Plantpal Automatic Potted Plant Waterer

Firstly there’s the Plantpal Automatic Potted Plant Waterer, designed for use in any type of rounded planter or plant pot.  There are two sizes – medium (25-30 cm tall) planters or large (30-40 cm tall planter).

Plantpal helps plants flourish by automatically releasing water to the plants only as they need it.

The potting soil stores water and fertilizer naturally and the Plantpal automatic self-watering system serves as a reservoir to re-supply the soil with water and nutrients as needed.

For indoor potted plants, the average time between watering with this system is once every 2-4 weeks depending on the season and type of plant.

How to use

You just add the water reservoir to a pot or planter when you are potting up a new plant. This is especially suitable for outdoor potted plants, although it is suggested that the reservoir made need topping up (done by removing a small plastic cap) more frequently than 2-4 weeks if the weather is especially hot.  Moving plants out of direct sunlight is an idea too.

Then there’s the Plantpal 3 Watering Globes.

Plantpal 3 Watering Globes

These watering globes are designed to be placed in the pot of any plant you want to be watered. These have a patented hydro-dynamic spike which allows potted plants to water themselves.

One globe will water plants for up to two weeks and the joy of this is that you can use them all year round and avoid under or over-watering. You should hopefully see more growth as the plants will water and feed themselves.

You can purchase the globes singly, in 3’s or 6’s and there are large ones with a capacity of 380 ml and mini ones with a capacity of 200 ml. The globes shown here are made of coloured plastic but you can get decorative ones made from patterned glass which look really pretty.

How to use

I was sent the larger globe to try and you’ll note that the planter I have is a little small for it but you get the general idea.  You do have to make a hole to insert the globe rather than just push it into the soil and you also need to dampen the filter tip of the globe to get the water flow going.

But, other than that, you simply fill the globe and add to the plant’s soil and leave it.

You can’t really go wrong with this and it’s a great gift idea for plant lovers – plus you can use it all year round, not just when you go away on holiday.

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  1. Oswald Smithson
    10 August, 2019 / 12:42 pm

    Really fantastic idea, it’s a winner

  2. Nicola Johnson
    7 August, 2019 / 10:20 pm

    Sounds great

  3. Janet Alderson
    7 August, 2019 / 7:54 am

    Sound brilliant.

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