28 August, 2019

School Anxiety:  6 Tips for Helping Your Child Start a New School Year

A new school year brings conflicting emotions for most children – as it does for us parents!  Whether it is his or her first year of pre-kindergarten or senior year of high school, a child is faced with both anxiety and excitement when approaching this rung on the ladder of life.

Not only does the child face these challenges, but parents do as well.  Overcoming these feelings isn’t always easy, but it can be accomplished by following some simple guidelines for both the parent and the child.

While there may not be a blanket set of rules to follow, the following are some tips that parents can use to have a more successful school year, regardless of how old a student is:

Familiarize Your Child With the Situation

Establish a Routine

One of the major reasons children have trouble with and in school is the lack of a set routine, and failing to enforce such a routine causes unnecessary stress for the parents and the child.

Make Going Back to School a Fun-Filled Experience 

Set Up the Child’s Environment for Homework

Teach Your Child Organization Skills

Get Involved 

Children are resilient, but there are times when new situations might be more than they are prepared to handle.  A new school year can be such a challenge, so parents must be aware of the possible signals of school anxiety, especially as the first day of school approaches.  Reacting to these signals is paramount to whether the year begins in a positive and controlled way, or in a negative manner.  Employing some or all of the above tips is a good way to start a new school year.

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