31 August, 2019

5 Tips to Help Your Children Overcome the Fear of Making New Friends

Whatever the circumstance might be, such as a different school or neighbourhood, making new friends is often a stressing challenge for children, especially those of school age.  Children have a special need for and a propensity to forming relationships, principally with people outside of the family – it’s one of the many ways they learn to become individuals.  Helping children make friends is also tricky for parents; knowing when to help, how to get involved, or what to tell the children are key elements to being an effective coach.

While parents cannot make friends for their children, they can offer tips and guidance to help them along the journey.  Often, the most difficult time for children to make friends is when they are at school without direct parental involvement.  The following guidelines are great ones to consider:

Teach children about friendship and set a good example for them to follow

Assist children in making friends by setting the stage for them 

Give your children some “friendship pointers,” such as: 

Share hints about how to communicate when making friends 

In inconspicuous ways, help your children make friends 

To have a friend, one has to be a friend, according to an old saying.  Understanding what friendship is and knowing how to be selective when making and keeping friends, is paramount to having a “BFF” or friends for life.  Parents, church members, school personnel, and the peers of your children set examples for being a friend and making a friend, so make an effort to situate your children in positive environments that foster friendships.  Doing that, in addition to employing the above guidelines, will get your children off to a good start with making new friends.

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