Garden Storage To Keep Your Outdoor Furniture Safe This Autumn

Nights are drawing in, as my dad would say and if, like us, you have a whole host of bikes, garden tools, garden furniture and ornaments now is the time to foil any light-fingered visitors and make your insurer happy by securing your outdoor valuables away.

Let’s be honest, even at budget prices, the financial value of outdoor products some of us have can easily top £1000.  Add to the risk damage from the cold and rain, it’s worth taking a look at garden storage options to protect your garden furniture, tools and accessories.

If you’re lucky enough to have a garage, you may, like us have used it as additional storage space.  Ours is the current temporary resting place of an old mattress and a set of rather rusty filing cabinets.  As the kids have grown there are now bikes, scooters, an inflatable paddling pool and a collection of mismatched wellingtons.

It would be nice, we tell ourselves, to have the garage back.  Garaging your car certainly helps with your car insurance premiums.

But if we did, we would need a capacious garden shed and several storage boxes unless I give in to the Husbands relentless demands to declutter.  I think he has some sort of reverse hoarding syndrome.

Happily though, the garden storage products available these days are quite attractive and if we had the room a ‘she shed’ would definitely be on the cards.

Blue Stained Wooden Garden Shed

What kind of outside storage do you need?

If you need to put your garden furniture and ornaments away for the winter, the first thing to do is to consider the kind of outdoor storage required.

Start by listing everything that needs to be stored.  For example, you might have a large garden dining set that you want to protect from frost damage.

Do you have lots of cushions that normally top your garden chairs?  Nobody will want to sit on a mouldy seat cushion next summer.

What about delicate tea-light holders, wind chimes, mirrors and that Buddha head you were going to create a ‘zen garden’ with?  (Never quite got round to it).

Make a note of the dimensions of your furniture and your barbecue equipment.  It’s always handy to have this information on your phone in any case.

High-value items should be photographed and marked with your postcode using an indelible marker.

When the evenings get darker, it’s a good time to evaluate your home security.  Check gates and fences are secure.  Check the wiring of any security lighting or cameras and that the locks on backdoors and windows are fit for purpose.

Wido 280L Wood Effect Plastic Garden Storage Chest

Garden shed or garden storage chest?

Whilst covering your outdoor furniture may be the simplest option, consider whether you have the space for a garden shed. Whilst the simplest option might be a metal shed, you can also find compact garden sheds to make the most of smaller outside spaces.

However, if you don’t have room but still want something stylish, consider a garden storage chest which can be padlocked. These come in various finishes and sizes and are ideal for storing the smaller items like your cushions and that garden gnome you bought just to annoy your partner.

Garden storage chests are resistant to low temperatures (remember last year’s snow?!) and if you’re fed up having wardrobes full of Christmas presents you have to watch like a hawk, they provide the perfect place to hide them. Come November (yes I’m not very organised), getting clothes out of the wardrobe requires full on surveillance and the moves of a ninja in case the kids are about.  (Obviously we are doing this to help Santa)…..

You can also get sheds to house firewood if you have a log burner or a shed designed as a boot store.

No matter what type of garden furniture and ornaments you have, you can keep them safe, dry and locked away from little fingers without sacrificing the style of your outdoor haven.



  1. Fiona jk42
    6 October, 2019 / 9:07 pm

    last year several of our neighbours had items stolen from their gardens, luckily we were not targeted. This year I plan to get a chain and padlock to secure our barbecue and patio furniture, as we don’t have anywhere to store it..

  2. Amy Jo McLellan
    13 September, 2019 / 11:10 pm

    This is a really good point! I don’t think enough about that.

  3. Georgie Wright
    13 September, 2019 / 10:35 pm

    There are lots of great options 🙂

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