How To Find Money For That Rainy Day

They say that you should find the money for a rainy day, but what if it seems always to be raining? Often, life has a habit of steamrolling on through and leaving a trail of destruction in its path. And it never rains, it pours. So when it comes to saving up that money for a rainy day, we very often find that we need more than we can save.

Lots can go wrong that we suddenly need cash for. You might need to find the money for an emergency dentist, or the car may break down and need a whole heap of work doing to it. Here are a few ways to consider finding money when you need it the most.

Using Credit Cards

Having a credit card handy can be handy if you know that you can repay the money soon. However, if you already owe money on your card, it can be very easy to start spending lots on it. Pretty soon, your card will be maxed out, and paying high levels of credit card interest generally means that your minimum payments never actually reduce your debts at all. 

It is very useful to own a credit card for an emergency situation, but if you can find a way of getting the money without risking getting into debt that you can’t pay back straight away, explore some other options. 

Have A Clear-Out

If you need cash but can wait a couple of weeks to get it, then you may want to see if you have any items that you don’t need any more. Listing these on eBay or Facebook Marketplace can help build up a bit of money. You will also be decluttering your home, which is handy, and you will be surprised how much money you have sat around in possessions that you don’t use.

You could also opt to go to do a car boot sale. This is a very quick way of working through a collection of items that you may want to sell.

Take On A Side Job

If you are currently earning all that you can from your primary income, you could always take on a bit of flexible part-time work to help you out while you need the money. There are plenty of opportunities to join the gig economy, such as becoming a driver for Uber or Lyft.

You may also want to try your hand at freelance writing for blogs and websites. Many content creation sites offer jobs such as these on a per gig basis, meaning you can pick and choose how much work you want to take on.

Have a look at Freelancer or Upwork. The flexible nature of this work means that you will get paid quickly, and you can choose how much you want to work or not work. Don’t forget though that you will need to pay your taxes on this work, so keep records and hold some money back.



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