How to create a Hygge inspired bathroom

Once autumn arrives, the nights become noticeably longer and temperatures significantly cooler. Here in the UK, the clocks go back in October plunging us all back into the early morning and early evening darkness which can frankly be a little depressing. Even more important, then, to cope with approaching stresses of the festive season by creating essential relaxation time for yourself and a great way to do this is to incorporate the principles of Hygge by creating a Hygge bathroom. 

What is Hygge?

In Meik Wiking’s book “The Little Book Of Hygge“, he defines Hygge thus.

“Hygge is about an atmosphere and an experience, rather than about things.  It is about being with the people we love.  A feeling of home. A feeling that we are safe, that we are shielded from the world and allow ourselves to let our guard down.

Hygge is about creating your safe space and what better place to do that than your bathroom? I know that whenever I am feeling stressed or anxious, I head straight for a bath or a long hot shower.  As a therapy, it runs a very close second to my other favourite taking a nap!

Hygge is a relative newcomer to the interior design scene and is showing no sign of declining in popularity. It is more than just a style trend; it’s an attitude which teaches us to appreciate a simpler lifestyle.

The principles have been fervently applied to interior design in every aspect of the home. Hygge is a Danish phrase loosely translated as ‘cosy’, so here are the top tips to create the perfect cosy bathroom.

Create your Hygge bathroom  

Use candles 

According to recent surveys, the Danes are the nation which burns the most candles. We Brits are trying to give them a run for their money with our enthusiastic adoption of their culture. Candles are paramount in creating a peaceful and welcoming atmosphere. The soft lighting instantly calms and relaxes you. These are highly useful to use around the entire home; however, there seems to be something so enticingly indulgent in the warm tones and comforting lighting for your bathroom. 

White furniture  

The Scandinavians are known for their love of minimalism, using white as a basic staple in their homes. White bathroom furniture provides the perfect base to create the Hygge environment. By using a simple white base for your bathroom, the furniture will not only be timeless but also produce a serene space. Make sure your bathroom is free from clutter by fitting plenty of storage units to hide away unsightly toiletries and cleaning products. White bathroom furniture also offers a great base to build layers with various materials and textures.  

Adjust your colour scheme

If white furniture isn’t your thing, try clean, contemporary furniture, for example, light and blond woods, complemented with soft and cosy colour palettes. Add a mirror or two to reflect back the light.


Talking of lighting, your bathroom lights should be soft and warm rather than harsh and clinical.  Who wants to see their wrinkles first thing in the morning! Try installing a light with a dimmer switch.

Create warmth 

Longer nights generally mean the central heating comes on earlier and stays on later. Danish living centres itself around creating a cosy and warm atmosphere to bring the family together and this applies to the bathroom too.

To create the best minimalist effect as well as creating optimum heating, consider installing underfloor heating. This produces an even and ambient temperature which is kind to your bare feet. 

Your choice of heating will depend on the size of your bathroom, your style preferences and your budget but there are plenty of radiators styles to choose from, including straight ladder, curved and traditional radiators.
And there is nothing like a heated towel rail to help you wrap yourself up against the early morning chill.

Make it spa-like  

Ensure your bathroom is a place for rest and relaxation after a long six weeks of entertaining the children. Nothing beats a soak in a spacious bathtub filled with steaming hot water for the optimal spa-like hideaway.

Be sure you’ve got plenty of scented bubble bath so you can luxuriate whilst soothing aching muscles. Add texture to create the perfect opulent spa experience by including plush materials such as fluffy towels and soft bathrobes.  


Declutter your room to declutter your mind they say and certainly it’s hard to take a relaxing bath when you are surrounded by cluttered windowsills drowning in half-used toiletries.

A vanity unit will help, or at least a sink with a cabinet underneath to conceal those skincare purchases you made to cheer yourself up.

Go natural with your toiletries

Talking about your toiletries, why not introduce some pure, organic, vegan-friendly soaps and body washes and swop out those products containing nasties that are bad for our skin.

You could even make your own bath products.  In Susanna Seton’s lovely book “Simple Pleasures Of The Home“, she recommends making a calming bath using essential oils:-

  • 4 drops bergamot essential oil
  • 4 drops lavender essential oil
  • 2 drops clary sage essential oil

Run a warm bath and drop the essential oils into the pouring water.  Relax in your bath for 10-15 minutes.

And environmental friendly with your household cleaners

You can make your own household cleaning products too and evict toxic products which are bad for the environment and our health – particularly important if you have children and pets.

You can find some simple household cleaner recipes in this post.

Add some greenery

If you have room, or perhaps a bathroom window which catches the sun, add a houseplant or two. Spider plants, orchids, Peace Lillies and even Aloe Vera will do well in the higher humidity.

Grab a great book

There’s nothing nicer than reading in the bath, as long as you don’t mind the pages getting a little damp and curled.  You could try the latest waterproof Amazon Kindle or just do what we did in school in the ‘old days’ – cover your books with sticky-backed plastic!

Failing that, how about a portable radio to listen to some classic music whilst you sip a chilled glass of wine or sparkling mineral water.

By applying the Danish lifestyle into your bathroom you can create a cosy retreat from the family, you will never want to leave.


  1. Mel Pennie
    15 December, 2019 / 12:43 pm

    We will be re-designing our bathroom next year so always looking for new tips and ideas to create a relaxing room!

  2. Fiona jk42
    23 October, 2019 / 10:01 pm

    I would love to have a nice bathroom in which I could take a relaxing bath. Unfortunately, we only have a shower and our bathroom is hideous so I try to be as efficient as I can so as to spend as little time as possible in there.

  3. Sarah Roberts
    28 February, 2018 / 1:40 pm

    I think most moms would love this amazing bathroom and these are such great ideas thank you!.

  4. alisjack
    6 December, 2017 / 10:38 am

    I am in love with it so much.

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