How Pregnancy Massage Can Destress A Mum-To-Be

Pregnancy can be a very stressful time for some mums-to-be.  It’s a time when paying extra attention to your health is essential, for both you and the baby.  Pregnancy massage is one treatment that expectant mums may shie away from – but which may offer definite benefits which last longer than the treatment itself.

A pregnancy massage carried out by a properly trained and qualified therapist offers a mum the chance to feel comforted, destressed and will heighten her awareness of her changing body – in a good way!

And, of course, massage is a great way to soothe pain-related niggles and aches.

Here are some of the benefits of pregnancy massage.

The Benefits Of Pregnancy Massage

  • Relaxation and reduced stress
  • Myofascial pain and muscle cramps are reduced
  • Joint pain is reduced
  • Labour pain and potential risk relating to the time of labour is reduced
  • Offers physical and emotional support to the mum to be

Who benefits from pregnancy massage?

All mums to be may benefit from a pregnancy massage – even those expecting more than one baby. To be on the safe side, however, it is recommended that you talk to your GP or midwife to check that it is a suitable therapy for you.

Pregnancy massage and labour

Every woman is naturally nervous about whether childbirth will be a painful experience but there are massage techniques you can learn to ease your discomfort during the birth.

In fact, many doctors will recommend gentle massage during labour as a way of easing discomfort and you can learn to do this safely by learning the techniques from a qualified massage therapist.

You can even have professionally trained massage mobile therapists come to your home to teach you how to use massage to ease any pain and discomfort.  You may find this incredibly helpful in the early stages of labour and it may be useful to have a partner or friend present so that they can learn them too if they are going to be with you at the birth.

Anything that will help ease your pain and discomfort without drugs is worth considering, especially if you want to be fully aware and awake during the birth.

Reduce the swelling of joints

Prenatal massage is mostly beneficial for joint pain-related issues which can flare up due to the increase in weight. During pregnancy, a woman’s joints are bearing a lot more stress than usual which can lead to swelling and joint pain. Prenatal massage can help reduce this.

Reduction of the pain of the nervous system

Later on in pregnancy, some women will experience severe sciatic nerve pain due to the increased tension in her muscles. Again, this is something that a professionally qualified massage therapist can help treat.

Benefits of Postnatal Massage

Massage can also offer benefits after you have given birth.  Postnatal massage can help reduce swelling and relax the overall tension a busy new mum is carrying.

Childbirth is a stressful process for most of us and the effects of carrying a baby plus any increased weight can certainly take its toll.

Postnatal massage is also capable of increasing the overall blood flow and the circulation of oxygen inside the body muscles. This, in turn, will help speed up the removal of any toxins left inside the body and, in turn, help with a speedy recovery.

Not only will massage help destress, but it will give a new mum a chance for some much needed ‘me-time’.


If you are interested in trying pregnancy massage, make sure that you do your research and choose professionally qualified massage therapists.

Ask your doctor or midwife for their recommendations and check with them that this type of therapy is appropriate for you and your current state of health.



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  1. Terrie-Ann Wright
    22 October, 2019 / 7:30 am

    I had a massage in my last pregnancy and it was so nice to just have something that felt like I was being pampered. Looking forward to having another this pregnancy.

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