How To Find The Best Professional Beauty & Hair Training

Any professional needs the best quality education in their field they can afford.  After all, going the extra mile for your clients in terms of customer service, is the best way to achieve career success.

The beauty industry has certainly undergone a cultural revolution of sorts over the past few years.  Long gone are the days where your hairstylist was your mum or aunt.  Today, the hairstyling industry is a multi-million industry employing millions globally – and that means competition is tough.

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Arguably, great hair styling and cutting is an art form and today hair and beauty schools offer the best training possible to achieve success in this field. The benefits of a high-quality formal education in hair styling are many. In this fast-moving industry, you have to keep up with the latest trends, as well as investing in high-quality tools.

Benefits of high-quality training

The hair industry is dynamic and ever-changing. And it’s not just trends in hair styles and colour.  New salon tools are appearing daily with the aim of giving stylists the edge.  One such tool is the barber scissors. It is a versatile tool that is in use for clipping and styling all kinds of hairs.

As a hair technician, your role is to give your clients the best advice for their hair type, length and colour. Investing in your career by attending workshops in your field is necessary if you want to develop your skills and become an industry all-rounder.

If you have a passion for hair, then you can make a decent income as a hair technician by investing in your own career development. Your enthusiasm and talent will draw clients to you and, in time, you may even have a salon of your own and employ other stylists.

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How to find the best workshops and classes to further your career

There are many types of workshops and hair classes available but it may take you some time to find the right ones for you.  Here’s how to go about it.

Word of Mouth

This is still by far the simplest way. Ask others who work in your field or those whose work you really admire.  If you have a passion for your career, then you owe it to yourself to hunt down the best quality training you can afford.

Internet Searches

You can find practically anything with a Google search. There’ll be plenty of classes to choose from and who knows, there may be the perfect course for you right on your doorstep.  Lots of training providers will offer online registration too to save you even more time.

Social Media

If it’s hot and happening, chances are it hits social media first.  You’ll find not only the latest trends and products on Facebook but you’ll also find customer’s reactions to them.  Pinterest is another brilliant platform to explore new trends and seek out training providers.

Local Salons

Don’t dismiss your local salon.  If it’s anything like mine, the owner will be regularly attending the huge London Hair & Beauty Expos and making sure stylists are keeping up with the trends.  As employers, they will also be a great source of information regarding local training providers.

Hair Magazines

Passionate creatives will be keeping up with the trends in hair and beauty via industry and trade publications. Not only will the editorial keep you up to speed with the latest looks but you’ll find information about training providers in the small ads at the back. Make sure you do your research though.

Hair Shows

The clothing world has its runways, while the hair industry has the hair shows. Widely publicised across both social and print media, the industry shows allow the top professionals to showcase their talent and are a brilliant place to network.  Not only will you be able to catch up with your peers, but you may even get the opportunity to interact with some of the industry leaders.

Beauty Stores

The hair industry is dependent on beauty stores (both bricks and mortar and online) to distribute hair products and tools.  Consequently, beauty stores are a great place to find the latest launches, together with customer reviews letting you know whether the product is popular or not.

You’ll also find the upcoming events and launches will be promoted in beauty stores as it’s a great way for them to reach their target audience and get their new products to market quickly.

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Hair Stylist Graduates

Who better to quiz about the latest trends and techniques than the year’s newest beauty graduates?  They will be able to recommend the best training courses and workshops and advise where the best place to invest your money will be.  You’ll also find out what parts of their training they enjoyed, what was difficult and what the ‘must-learn’ skills for the upcoming year are.

By casting your net as wide as possible when it comes to researching the best beauty and hair training course for you, you increase your chances of finding one that matches your passion, skillset and budget.

Much though you would rather not invest the extra time and money, formal schooling gives you access to market best practices and a solid preparation for working in what is an extremely demanding industry.

But the driving force should be your passion. Without passion, it will be difficult to succeed in the face of extremely tough competition and demanding clients.

And, although formal hair technician training will get you off to a good start in your styling career, you will need to constantly refresh that knowledge in order to keep pace with the industry.  Ongoing professional development will be another key factor in your success.


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