How To Get the Perfect Night’s Sleep

It’s undeniable that life is tiring. It’s even more undeniable that life is tiring when you’re a parent. Having kids is one of the most rewarding – and exhausting – things you’re likely to do in your lifetime, so chances are if you are a parent then you’ll understand the struggle. Long days, early mornings, and work responsibilities on top of parenting can be extremely tough, and it’s all too easy to take all of that stress to bed with you on a night time which ultimately prevents you from having a sound sleep. It can be difficult to get to – and stay – asleep when you have so much to think about, but there is a way! These top tips will help you to achieve the perfect nights’ sleep.

Sort Everything Out BEFORE Bed

One of the worst things you can do is go to bed with unsolved problems in the back of your mind.

Of course, it might not be possible to out rule everything but do as much as you can. Say, for example, you were selling a property and you were worried as it wasn’t budging off the market. If you do some research, you’ll soon find that by using this service, you’d be able to sell your house quickly – for cash – without all of the waiting around. Now, that’s just an example and a rather extreme one at that, but it just goes to show that just about anything can be solved if you put a little time into it.

Make a List of What You Have to Do Tomorrow

The act of making lists has been performed over many years, and the longevity of the activity itself proves just how useful it can be.

Making a physical, pen-to-paper list of the things you need to do the following day will help you to relax because it removes the pressure of having to do things from your mind. Plus, it helps you to see more clearly what needs to be done if there is a physical copy in front of you. Simply by writing it down, you’ll have a definite idea of what you’ve got to do the following day and therefore won’t feel a need to worry about forgetting any of it.

Switch Off from the Rest of the World

We’re all so interconnected with the rest of the world nowadays, that it can be difficult to relax entirely. However, the simple act of logging out of social media and switching off your addictive smartphone can do wonders for the quality, and quantity of your nightly sleep.

Even simply doing it an hour before sleep can make a big difference. Staring at the bright screen of a phone or tablet, even when it’s turned down, has been linked to trouble sleeping. Try switching it off for a little while before bed, and having some time to yourself. You’ll be surprised at the difference it makes.

Try Not to Eat Too Close to Sleep Time

It can be oh so tempting to have a midnight snack right before going to sleep – but if you can help it, try not to.

Obviously, it’s difficult when you work certain shift patterns, however making the effort not to eat right before sleeping is likely to get you a far better nights sleep. This is because it can wreak havoc on your digestion system to lie down immediately following a meal. The best thing to do would be to finish eating an hour or two before going to bed, or at the very least keeping it light if you can’t eat any earlier.

Try the Traditional Methods

Last of all, but certainly not least, try going back to some of the good old fashioned methods.

This includes things like having a hot bath before bed, using lavender oils, lighting a candle, drinking a chamomile tea and even simply reading a book. The reason these methods are old fashioned or “generic” is because they’ve been practised over a long period of time by many people – so they must have worked for someone at some point!

Lavender oil is actually scientifically proven to help with anxiety, and therefore is great for calming the body and the mind before bed. If you’re feeling mega stressed, why not infuse a hot bath with lavender oils, and sink into it whilst drinking chamomile tea and reading a book by candlelight? After all, if there’s something that parents are sublime at, it’s multi-tasking!



  1. Megan Kinsey
    18 November, 2019 / 7:13 pm

    Some great tips here, thank you! Will have to try some as I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately.

  2. baba
    18 November, 2019 / 11:46 am

    great tips, thank you

  3. Amanda tanner
    16 November, 2019 / 7:22 pm

    I’ve got a free sample of lavender pillow spray I might try tonight, haven’t slept well last few nights, these tips are great.

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