When Storage Meets Decoration: Storage Trunks Ideas

Storage trunks act as pieces of decoration, furniture and of course, are used for storage. Big and small, elegant and worn-out, all kinds of trunks, in different shapes, sizes and designs, could be appealing to the eye as well as cater to a number of utilitarian aspects. Looking for trunk decor ideas? You can go about decorating with vintage trunks and well as those with a modern flavour.

Trunks of different colours and shades can suit the contemporary look and feel of the interiors of a house as well as those with a retro look. Be it a rustic farmhouse trunk or a steamer trunk, you can give it a spin to place it strategically on display instead of tucking it away simply as a means to store items ranging from your board games to bedding.

Trunks of different sizes but similar colour schemes

Trunks of similar shades but different sizes can help you arrange items in different places. The bedding could be inside one trunk, the toys and knick-knacks inside another, and the clothes not in use at a given point of time inside yet another one. There could be a combination of three trunks, the sizes being large, medium and small.

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A wooden trunk or a chest with an antique look

Even unpainted, unvarnished and unfinished look of a wooden trunk could do wonders to the aesthetics of a living room! Such a trunk can be used to store items such as jewellery. Such a trunk looks simple and uncomplicated, yet is quite graceful and stylish in appearance. That’s beauty and utility combined.

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A set of distressed metal trunks

There could be a set of three distressed metal trunks of different sizes having motivational and inspirational quotes.

How to paint a storage trunk, a metal one, in order to give it a distressed, farmhouse look if you will

Painting old trunks can be quite a revelation. Here’s how to go about it: Wipe off, or dust the metal. Get your brush ready to dry brush. Paint the metal. Apply light pressure and random brush strokes. Let the trunk dry.

Phat Tommy trunk

A Phat Tommy trunk that is handcrafted and customized could add hugely to the decoration quotient of any room in your house. The chest acts as a connoisseur’s delight and makes for a sophisticated way when it comes to storing or tucking away any item in your house. In fact, a Phat Tommy Victorian decorative wooden storage trunk with a finish in brown hues, having a rounded lid and a cutout base with decorative low legs and also floral carvings can also be a wonderful addition to your storage mix.


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Sienna chest boxes

Sienna chest boxes that are trimmed in faux leather, provide enough storage space and are a significant addition to any room’s décor.

Storage boxes of varying sizes and layouts for keeping essentials

Boxes of different colours, sizes and patterns with shimmering accessories, complete with locks, make for pragmatic sense, and are good decoration pieces too.

Traditional trunk coffee table

A beautiful traditional trunk coffee table made using wooden materials in black shades, that has a rectilinear frame and a hinged lid, metal corner pieces and locks having a golden finish and nail head trims that are silver, can turn out to be a center of attraction in any room.


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Wooden streamer trunk

A large and zany trunk carved out using cedar wood, antique hardware and upholstered in faux leather, can store a range of items, and its top can enable it to double as a regular table.

Pristine-styled trunk made of durable wood

This type of trunk can be used for storage and decoration purposes. It can be utilised as a coffee table. Some metal additions here and there can provide it an elegant look and feel.

Three-piece rustic trunk set

You can add a rustic touch to your living room with a three-piece trunk set. Galvanised metal, rivets and contrasting colours make the trunks sturdy and durable, making for a package that is, in many ways , reminiscent of the times gone by.

Storage cedar chest with deep tobacco finish

Such a chest is again appropriate for various types of rooms, including bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, and guest rooms. Robust wooden construction, short chiselled legs, resplendent ornamentation, and ample storage space are veritably the hallmarks of such a furniture item.

End table in the form of trunk, or end of bed storage trunk

An end table in the form of trunk, primarily made of wood and punctuated with metal accents, that has a handle too, can make for an elegant addition to any of the rooms in your home, be it your living room or even your bedroom.




  1. Sandra Gorin
    10 November, 2020 / 4:07 am

    I would like a storage trunk to put special things in ss one i have has been ruined

  2. Shelley Jessup
    29 October, 2019 / 11:28 pm

    I love trunks for storage. I have some coloured metal trunks in my beauty room & I would love a wooden one for my living room.

  3. Caroline Tinsley
    29 October, 2019 / 2:28 pm

    I’m looking for a wooden trunk to put under a console table in my dining room for storing table linen. I quite fancy an over-the-top pirate chest!

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