How To Find The Right Dog-Friendly UK Holiday Accommodation

Animals are wonderful creatures, and dogs are said to be a man’s best friend. Rightly so, as they offer great companionship and are truly loyal to their owners. When going on holiday, it is completely understandable, therefore, that we want to take them with us. To help you out here is a collection of dog-friendly accommodation for you to check out, together with some handy hints.

Ask the right questions

Travelling with your pet can be challenging, but for an animal lover, leaving them behind for days can be difficult as well. If you are planning to travel with your pooch, though, it is important to do some thorough preparation first.

This is one instance where you will be far better off making the booking yourself and phoning ahead to chat to the manager or customer care representative.

Check that they are indeed pet-friendly and ask if there are any extra charges to bring your pet.

Ask them if there are any specific policies when it comes to having pets and make sure you fully understand them all.

You could also ask them:

  • Are there any weight or breed restrictions?
  • How many pets are allowed per room?
  • Are pet travellers limited to specific pet-friendly rooms?
  • Can pets be left unattended in the room?
  • Are there any areas of the venue that are off-limits to pets?

As a rule, pets are generally not allowed in breakfast areas, restaurants, pools, and fitness rooms but ask if there are further restrictions for you to consider before booking.

It’s worth doing this to avoid any unpleasant surprises or misunderstandings that may arise – and you’ll also be reassured that this is the best choice of venue for you and your pet.

Consider Airbnb

Hotels are excellent and have some of the best amenities and top-notch service, but they are also relatively expensive when compared to renting self-catering or private accommodation such as an Airbnb.

You might not have thought of doing this but an Airbnb may be an ideal solution when you want to take your dog on holiday. 

For a start, most hotels will impose an extra fee to house your pet whilst Airbnb will not. A lot of homeowners who use the service are also more likely to let you stay with your pet without a lot of policies and paperwork to read through and take care of. Airbnb also has a more home-like feel, which will make it a little easier for your dog to adjust.

Ensure the environment is comfortable for your pet

As a dog owner, you are aware of what makes your pet feel uneasy or restless. Some pets do not like strangers, so they tend to bark at them.

Others are not comfortable in loud and busy areas, while others get restless if they are bored and locked up in a room all day.

Whatever the case, when booking accommodation, you must put all these factors into consideration, or otherwise deal with a very cranky pet or a dog that barks all night – not a great way to endear yourself to the hotel staff and guests.

For example, if you will be out and about all day and do not want to take your pet with you, then ensure that a person will take your dog out for a walk and feed them when necessary.

And, choose a hotel that is near pet-friendly restaurants so you can take them with you when going out to eat.



  1. Susie Wilkinson
    22 October, 2019 / 8:41 pm

    We’d love to find the ideal pet friendly holiday accommodation for our dog, he isn’t dog friendly, so don’t fancy walking down hotel corridors with other pet owners around, and we’d struggle to keep him off the bed, he came to us already used to sleeping in the bed, and won’t do anything else.

  2. Susan Pointon
    22 October, 2019 / 6:35 pm

    This is something that’s really important as a dog owner. I personally know that I can’t go anywhere that doesn’t have dog friendly beaches as my dog suffers greatly with separation anxiety and would chew the furniture if left behind whilst we went to the beach. That would end in disaster.

  3. Margaret Gallagher
    22 October, 2019 / 6:14 pm

    So important to check ! Have been places that are not pet friendly -our holiday was ruined

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