​​Unwanted Hair? Laser Treatment Can Help

Unwanted hair is basically body hair that is too thick or dense in areas that are normally exposed while wearing clothing or in places where they can cause a bother to the person. Examples can include darker hair on the lips, jaw, chin and between the eyebrows.

Apart from these areas, there might be women who prefer hair removal in other areas. The choice can vary from person to person.

Traditionally or conventionally, waxing, epilation and shaving can be used to remove unwanted hair, however, the downside of these methods is that hair normally grows back and often in a worse way.

Additionally, traditional methods can cause the skin to become thicker and number to pain over a longer period. At sources like Therapie Clinic, laser treatment for hair removal is a long-term solution to such problems that arise from traditional methods.

Just like the name says, the treatment uses a highly concentrated beam of light or laser to do away with unwanted hair. The laser used is most of the infrared category that is invisible to the naked eye but can transfer quite a bit of heat to the hair follicles through the hair strands. This heat is enough to destroy the hair follicles and surrounding cells to the extent that hair doesn’t grow back.

Traditional methods of hair removal are handy for sure. They are also comparatively economical and easy to implement. However, the low cost involved prima facie can add up over time and become a bother on your wallet.

Apart from the substantial amount of pain and chafing involved every time waxing or shaving is carried out, the recovery from the inflammation can also vary from person to person.

Even after that, these methods are temporary, only serving to help for a short amount of time. Compared to that, using a laser to remove unwanted hair can get you as close to 80% coverage of areas, with permanent results.

Please do bear in mind that laser treatment targets the darker and denser hair first. Lighter and softer hair won’t be affected to the same extent.

The doctor will inspect the area that you want the hair removed from and let you know how many sessions will be needed to remove a major portion of the hair.

The larger the area to be covered, the more time and sessions involved. For example, treating areas on the face, like the lips, nose, between eyebrows and others might take just a few minutes.

The instant inflammation caused is in a very small area and is done away with almost immediately. Larger areas can take up to a day or two to recover from inflammation.

Care should be taken not to expose the treated areas to bright sunlight or harsh chemicals until the inflammation is gone.

Using natural moisturising agents like fresh aloe juice or cucumber juice can help a lot. The point is to take away as much heat from the area as possible. Ice baths can also be used if one is comfortable with the same.

Before at least two weeks of treatment, the doctor might advise you not to shave, trim or wax the hair in the target area. The hair needs to grow to a certain length for the laser to be able to target it properly.

If covering a large area, keeping yourself hydrated is a good way to recover faster. If small areas are treated, you can immediately resume your daily routine without even waiting for the inflammation to subside.



  1. Ali
    20 February, 2021 / 2:15 pm

    If I remember… it’s like having someone pulling on elastic bands letting go and smack on your skin?? It hurt like hell. Is it still the same feeling?

    • linda
      20 February, 2021 / 2:38 pm

      I’ve not experienced laser removal for hair but I have had laser treatments and felt a gentle warmth. Perhaps someone else could comment for you …

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