Breast Lift and Breast Augmentation: The Perfect Match

Many women become unhappy with their breasts over time. After losing a tremendous amount of weight, having children, breastfeeding, or simply ageing, women naturally may lose confidence and desire the body that they had when they were younger. It says a lot that the most common plastic surgery in the United States is breast augmentation, but the best way to recover from the toll that life puts on your body is to supplement an augmentation with a breast lift.

Women who have a breast lift and an augmentation usually have them at the same time. While they are extraordinarily different procedures, it is not uncommon to have both performed. The two procedures work well in tandem with each other to help you reach your cosmetic goals.

What is a Breast Lift?

Breasts droop for all kinds of reasons. They may have never snapped back after a dramatic weight loss or pregnancy. Some women are lucky enough not to have this issue because they have thicker skin due to heredity. Sometimes, it simply will not matter because lifestyle choices like smoking or sunbathing will cause the skin to become far less elastic over time.

According to the Mayo Clinic, breast lift procedure is a treatment that restores the breasts to their natural perkiness. The surgery entails moving the areola and nipple a bit farther up and lifting the breast by removing excess skin and fat. Afterwards, the breasts should appear perkier and more youthful. It is the most common surgery used to treat sagging breasts.

It should also be mentioned that some patients are not yet experiencing drooping breasts, but do prefer that their breasts are placed higher on their chests than they are naturally. As such, they may still wish to get breast lift surgery. Along with breast augmentation, they would be able to get the shape that they always desired.

Like breast augmentation, a breast lift can be performed by itself. This is usually done when a woman is happy with her current breast size but would like a breast lift to give her figure a slight adjustment. Think of it as a refresher, or a “pick-me-up.” While the procedure alone is still invasive, sometimes it is all that is needed.

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a surgery where implants are placed inside the breast tissue to enlarge the breasts and make them appear fuller. The implants may be made from saline or gel and will increase the patient’s cup size to as large as she desires. Though it has had bad press over the years, according to CNN, the surgery is very common and extremely safe.

Augmentation is intended for those women that are not satisfied with their cup sizes and would a more shapely figure. It is also a go-to for any prospective patient that may have noticed that the size and shape of her breasts have changed dramatically from when she was younger.

It is important to note that while breast augmentation surgery does help to lift the breasts a bit, it only does so by filling in the sagging skin that a breast lift procedure would remove.

Why Combine the Two Procedures?

By having a breast lift along with your breast augmentation, you will get the best of both worlds. The implant will need less volume, and the lift will already provide your breasts with shape and position them as they should be. Combining both surgeries will allow your breasts to look better as well as increased in size. No woman wants large breasts that sag!

Dr William A. Ross, breast surgeon expert of Naples, FL, writes that the average breast lift candidate is usually in her 40s, but anyone experiencing unwelcome signs of declining breasts may elect to have the procedure. This can be anything from a nipple distortion to sagging tissues. The surgery can also be done as a preventative measure at the first indication of these signs. It only makes sense to get the procedure done while a patient has already decided to go under the knife for a breast augmentation. Since both surgeries can be quite invasive, most doctors believe this is the best way to go if the patient is interested in having them both done at the same time.

Combining the two surgeries also helps to correct breasts that are naturally asymmetrical or shaped awkwardly, which happens a lot, according to Healthline. Most of the time, both breasts are shaped differently anyway and each needs special attention. The surgeon will have to examine each thoroughly to properly balance them out and create a natural-looking symmetry. One may need more lift to complete the look the patient is looking for. In these cases, it is best to start with a breast lift to even the breasts out before proceeding with breast augmentation. Proper balance is important because the breasts will not only continue to be uneven, but the new larger cup size is sure to make this more noticeable.

Is a Breast Lift for Me?

If you are unsure if a breast lift is necessary, schedule a consultation with your plastic surgeon and ask his or her opinion. Sometimes, especially in older patients, and those who have lost a lot of weight, it makes more sense to undergo both procedures. Excess skin only takes away from your new look and can actually get in the way during breast augmentation surgery.

In conclusion, women are starting to realize that there are a plethora of options out there if they do not enjoy the breasts they see every day in the mirror. Why put up with breasts that are uneven, saggy, or too small for your preferences? Having a breast augmentation along with a breast lift can change how you will feel about yourself.


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