5 Cracking Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Mum

The same scenario happens every year, you promise yourself October is your deadline for buying Christmas presents for your family or loved ones but before you know it, October quickly turns to November and then suddenly, you are weeks away from the big day, and still no presents bought. Brothers and sisters are easy to buy for, there will no doubt be some long-running inside joke you could play on but failing that childhood nostalgia is always a winner. Dad is a little easier, the slipper and socks combo never fails to impress, and then when it comes to finding that zinger for Mum to unwrap by the tree it can get a little frosty. If you are running low on crimbo inspo fear not, I have put together what I think are 5 cracking Christmas present ideas for Mum.

Flower Subscription Box

You can get a subscription box for just about anything these days and the selection just keeps getting better. Flower subscription boxes are a brilliant gift as being a subscription the unwrapping can happen as often as you like! You can also go all out and create a unique bouquet for each delivery based on what your mum loves!


Chocolates are always a winner no matter what time of year or the type of celebration. Don’t just grab the first thing you see on the Christmas aisle in a festive wrapper from your local supermarket whilst you try to fill your trolly with enough food to feed the entire street. Find something special that not only makes a great gift but also supports local industry. Taking a trip to a local artisan chocolate maker and getting something that is handmade with love and care will show how much thought you put into that gift.

Spa Break

Your eyes may have opened a little wider when reading spa break but don’t worry this doesn’t have to cost the remainder of this months’ paycheck, take a look at a comparison site or a last minute deals website and you could be surprised by what you can find. The Yorkshire Dales are beautiful in the summer and you can find many boutique beauty spas dotted around in the picturesque countryside.

Personalised Clothing

If you are looking for something one-off and unique then there is no greater alternative to personalise clothing as the possibilities are endless. A picture of a pet on a hoodie, no problem, a phrase that holds sentiment to your family, easy, or how about a beautifully embroidered sweater. You can have absolutely anything your heart desires and if you don’t believe us check out personalised clothing specialists Banana Moon where you will find a huge array of garments and personalisation options.


Wine always makes a great gift and can be enjoyed on the day or saved for a special occasion. Similarly, with chocolates it would make a more meaningful gift if you were to opt for something a little higher-end, opposed than the run of the mill supermarket wine. Although it may cost a little bit more with a little bit of online research you could find some really great small batch or vintage wines that are available for much less than you may realise.


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  1. Laura Findlay
    15 December, 2019 / 9:47 pm

    Great ideas, thanks for sharing. I always struggle for gift ideas for my Mum x

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