5 Tips For Bristol Family Flyers In 2020

Whilst Bristol does not have Britain’s biggest airport, it can still be a brilliant option if you’re based in Wales and the South West of England.

It serves a selection of desirable destinations – for instance, you can enjoy the world’s best craic and perfect pints of the black stuff in Dublin, fly to Edinburgh for a cultured weekend at its fabulous festival fringe or see the Northern Lights firsthand in Lapland.

However, if you’re flying in a family group, you’ll naturally want the experience to be as hassle-free as possible, so some prior research on the features and facilities is thoroughly recommended.

So stow away your meal trays, set your seat upright and fasten your safety belt for five tips for Bristol family flyers in 2020.


Fly on an empty stomach and you’re at the mercy of whatever edibles are available on your flight and, depending on the carrier, the cost and quality of plane food are very variable. Meanwhile, if delays mean your pre-flight time is extended, empty stomachs can trigger the perfect storm if you’re travelling with troublesome teens.

Luckily, eating at Bristol Airport is an eclectic affair, with options including artisan coffees, posh sandwiches, tasty burgers and bombastic burritos – take your pick and banish those pesky hunger pangs.


You won’t want to splash all of your spending cash before you get to your destination, but a spot of modest pre-flight retail therapy can work wonders when you need a bit of a mood boost before you board.

Luckily, you can shop til you drop at Bristol, with a wide choice of stores like Accessorize, JD Sports, Dixons, Superdrug, Claire’s and WH Smith available.


The main airport concourse can get a bit hectic, especially when you’re travelling in a large family group, but pay a reasonable entry fee for Aspire Lounge access and you’ve got a private space where you and your tribe can relax in comfort, enjoy excellent food and drink and relax in complete comfort.

Chilling out at Bristol’s Aspire Lounge is a legendary start to any trip, and it’s more affordable than you may think.

Kids facilities

There are a lot of logistical considerations when flying with very young children, but luckily Bristol is well appointed with facilities that make parents’ lives easier, like baby changing facilities and handy pre-order service for baby food, nappies and milk.

Find out more details about Bristol’s children’s facilities at bristolairport.co.uk.

Airport parking

Getting to Bristol in your own vehicle can often be less stressful than navigating public transport, especially if you’re in a large family group with relatives in a wide range of ages.

So pre-book Bristol Airport parking from SkyParkSecure.com from home and you’ll be confident that your vehicle is safe for the duration.

That’s my list! Please share your own Bristol Airport tips in the comments section.


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