5 Tips to Using a Diabetic Lancet for the First Time 

The number of people diagnosed with diabetes has increased significantly over the years. About 463 million adults, between 20-79 years of age, have diabetes. Managing diabetes can be a pain, especially since you need to monitor your sugar levels regularly. You can, however, reduce the strain by using PipLancets which make testing your blood sugar a seamless process.

Warm your fingers before the test

The state of your fingers at the time of your sugar test determine how much pain you will feel. When it is cold, your veins are further away from the surface which means that it might be a bit more painful to prick your finger. This means you need to prick deeper to draw blood. You will have an easier time if you prick warm fingers. 

You can warm your fingers by rubbing them together, wash your hands in warm, soapy water, or even sit on them briefly. Doing this before your sugar test will improve your blood flow, and over time, testing your sugar levels will not be a task that you dread since the pain will be bearable. 

Avoid pricking the pad of your finger

Many people use the pads of their fingers to draw blood during sugar tests. Unfortunately, this is quite painful, especially if done frequently. If you do this, besides the unbearable pain, your productivity at work will be affected. Instead of using the pad of your finger, you should test the sides. The sides of your fingers have better blood flow, and the pain is not as pronounced as that of the pad of the finger.  

Use a different finger every time you test

Many diabetics choose to use the same finger every time they check their blood sugar. Some even prick the same spot all the time. The assumption is centralized pain is more bearable than pain distribution. However, your finger needs time to heal before you prick it again.

If you were recently diagnosed with diabetes and are using a lancet for the first time, you should alternate the fingers during the tests. If you use your thumb a lot, you should avoid pricking it since the pain could last a long time. However, this is a personal choice. If you prefer pricking your thumb, you’ll still get accurate results. 

Choose the most convenient lancets and lancet devices

Selecting a diabetic lancet can be a challenge, especially for first-time users. The abundance of options makes matters even more complicated, but you need not worry. There is no one-size-fits-all device or lancet. You’ll get one you are most comfortable using. For example, if you are afraid of needles, you can use a lancet that uses a tiny needle. 

Avoid the alcohol wipe

You need to sanitize your hands before every sugar test. Some people choose to use alcohol or alcohol-based sanitizers. Alcohol makes the skin tighter, and this makes it harder for you to get a blood sample. It also makes testing more painful. Instead of using alcohol, use warm soap and water. 

Once you receive confirmation that you have diabetes, you have no choice but to keep monitoring your sugar levels. With the right diabetic lancet device, lancets, pricking techniques, and a healthy diet, you’ll have an easier time managing diabetes.


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