6 Great Ways To Add Value To Your Home

Whether your home is a small terrace, a large farmhouse or a modest semi, you probably think about its value on occasion. You might be planning to sell at some point, or perhaps you’re thinking of the inheritance that you could be leaving your children. Whatever the reason for caring about the value of your home, there are many things that can affect it. Some factors may be out of your control, but you can also have control over how much your home is worth in other ways. By making some changes, you could increase its value, and often without spending too much.

Freshen up with paint

Increasing the value of your home doesn’t have to mean making a huge change. Sometimes all it takes is to freshen things up to get them looking like new again. One way to boost the value of your home is with a lick of paint. Painting the exterior of your home can give it a brand-new look, whether you are touching up an existing colour or going for something different. Weatherproof paint can even help to protect the outside of your home. Similarly, the inside of your home can be much improved with a bit of paint too.

Install quality double glazing

There’s no hiding the fact that Wales isn’t the warmest country in the world. Making it through the cold winters without freezing your socks off requires a warm home. Whether you have central heating, a wood burner or something else to keep your home lovely and cosy, you should also consider insulation. The better insulated your home is, the less energy and money you will waste. Installing double glazing, if you don’t already have it in your home, is an excellent way to improve insulation. It’s also excellent for improving soundproofing, so you don’t have to hear noise from outside and your neighbours won’t hear you.


Upgrade to a sliding patio door

If you have a garden or patio, it’s not always the right weather to enjoy it. But when it isn’t raining, having easy access to your outside space is a plus. Even when it is raining, being able to look outside can make you happy. A sliding patio door in your South Wales home can help you to let in more light, even on grey days. And when it is sunny, you will be even happier for the sunshine coming into your home. A sliding door is a great space-saving solution too, and you can open it up on sunny days to create a flow of space and air.

Landscape the garden

While you’re turning your attention to outdoors, you might also want to consider landscaping your garden. Many people have a garden that they leave as a simple lawn or perhaps pave over. But if you want your garden to work harder for you, you could make it more functional. It could be more appealing to buyers if you decide you want to sell, but it also adds value to your life. You could do a range of things, whether you create an outdoor seating area, a play area for the kids, or even a vegetable patch.

Renovate the kitchen or bathroom

Two of the most important rooms in your home are the kitchen and bathroom. All of the other rooms can easily be switched around by moving furniture. However, in the kitchen and bathroom, there are more fixtures and fittings. A new kitchen or bathroom is a great way to add value to your home and help it look like new again. A renovation doesn’t have to mean ripping everything out and starting again. There are smaller things you could do, including new hardware in the bathroom or replacing the cupboard doors in the kitchen. These tasks can help to refresh the room without spending too much.

Add more living space

Creating more living space is an excellent way to add value to your home. You can do this by converting a space such as an attic or cellar, or perhaps by extending your home. A tiled roof conservatory offers the valuable living space without the hefty price tag of a full extension. This can still be a pricey project, but it can also add more value to your home and home improvement finance is often available. You could convert a space to create another bedroom. Another possibility is to add another bathroom. For example, a box room might not be much use as a bedroom, but it could work out better as an extra toilet or shower room.

Add more value to your home by making some improvements and upgrades. You don’t necessarily have to spend a lot to make some big changes.


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