Living The Dream And Why It Matters

We often hear the term, “living the dream”.  When we do we tend to think about having the best job, a perfect house, and a wonderful lifestyle. But being happy in your career, and having a warm and comfortable home to retire to at the end of every day, is literally the dream for many people around the world.

But how often do we stop and say thank you for all the things we already have?  It’s important to practise gratitude because it improves your overall mindset and overall happiness – and you will find that your general mental health improves significantly.

When people talk about their dreams and aspirations, you’ll find a wide range of different hopes, wishes and opinions, but how can we take steps to make our personal dreams a reality? As we all know by now, having goals to work towards and a plan in place to get to them can raise self-esteem, confidence and produce the results like plain old daydreaming just won’t do.

Make a house your home

Having a home of your own isn’t a given in today’s economic climate. And many people are homeless across the country. Having your own house, or even just your own space to call your own, can bring you plenty of benefits and joy. When you have the most beautiful home you can achieve and feel the warm fuzzy feelings of this all being provided by you, there is nothing quite like it!


Goal Setting is essential because, psychologically, it enables you to be able to see the end in sight. It also helps you set your small goals between taking on the significant challenges and feeling the consequences, there tends to be a lot to be motivated about. Cutting your goals into small bite-size chunks, and holding yourself accountable to them, is the way to find success.

Whether this comes down to fitness or a project that you’ve been working on, everybody finds things more comfortable when they know what they are on track for. Goal Setting gives you something to work towards, and if that is, in fact, getting fit and losing weight, then, of course, there is a very linear process, but not everything is that easy to track, but if it is something easily changed, and very quickly, then it’s best to get it done. Being able to see your progress, and how far you have come, is important.

Seek a considerable achievement. You can even turn these into little games; quite often, we will look at people with lavish lifestyles, and wish we were more like them. But it is all about perspective at the end of the day. From booking a holiday to Disneyland or researching great places to move abroad,  you can add any goal you like!

Career advancement

Finding a career or a job that you really love to do is the holy grail of working. Most of us have worked for somebody in the past that would be deemed as “difficult“ to please. And advancing your career regardless is one of the best ways to ignore and overcome the potential backlash.

Unfortunately, if you have already reached the end of your ladder, it may be worth taking to the internet to research your next option or ‘move,’ you should never feel stuck or unable to progress. But if you work hard, and learn all you can about your trade, or the business that you’re working for at the very least, you should find your days get more comfortable, and you may earn more money along the way which in turn will improve your overall career advancement. Being in full control of your income and expenditure, and being able to provide for your family is something truly spectacular.


Finding a hobby that you love is incredibly important, especially if you are working hard to keep a roof over your head and progress your career. Having pets, or art as therapy can really pay off since it requires full mindfulness. People who have the correct balance of work/ home career and hobbies are generally pleased indeed. But the rest of us may need some help with finding out what it is that we love to do in our spare time.

Not only does this boost your self-esteem, and helps you rest and relax, it also can bring friendship, new knowledge, and when you find the one for you, whether it be swimming, reading, writing, or creating pieces of art, then you will be grateful for the time you spent trying out new things.


Gratitude is a huge thing when it comes to happiness, and “living the dream“ is vital. Many people report finding a massive shift in their mindset once they decide to become grateful every morning before you start your day. Just being thankful for the basics can really help you attract more as you become wise to how a business runs.

Living the dream generally means that you are happy with your lot and can boost your overall happiness by just being grateful for what you have. The saying goes that it isn’t happy people who are grateful, it is grateful people who are happy. This is even more important when you have children and want to teach them gratitude.

Making a decision and be thankful for everything that you have, and not forgetting everything else in the process is tricky but attainable. Writing down three things you are grateful for every day has been proven to be a great way to improve your happiness!

So at the end of the day, your dreams are your dreams, and anything that you consider to enhance your life, as long as it doesn’t hurt others, is ideal. This level of input can improve the overall experience, and put you in a slightly awkward place. But there are always more things to work hard at staying ahead of the game.

Be proud of yourself for yourself and your children and make sure that you have plenty of great times ahead in your future. Setting a great example to show the younger generation exactly how to make a decision, make a plan, and implement it will be one of the best and most worthwhile things to do, all round.


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