The Top 4 Reasons to Use Parental Controls

Today, the world is full of ‘techie’ kids. If your child is constantly on their phone every minute of the day, you are not alone. While the technology hub seems attractive to children, it has created a cause for alarm among many parents. 

Granted, letting your child enjoy digital freedom makes it easy to interact with their peers and also keep in constant communication with you. However, the rampant cases of ‘sexting’, child pornography, cyberbullying and an abundance of online threats do not necessarily let you sleep well at night. 

But worry not! Whether you are struggling with the challenge of giving your child their own privacy or wanting to keep an extra eye on them, parental controls are exactly what you need!

What Are Parental Controls?

These are tools and software that allow any parent to control their child’s internet use. They are solely created to prevent any child from accessing unsuitable content online.

Reasons to Use Parental Controls

Monitor your child’s devices

Parental controls will make it easy for you to monitor your child’s internet and mobile activities. By using control options, you can check their activities on social media, the emails they are sending to their friends as well as the text messages that they are exchanging. There are parental applications that detect and notify you about alarming words in any conversation. Words such as ‘drugs’, ‘kill’ and ‘sex’ amongst others are immediately highlighted. This is a pivotal way of knowing what is going on in your child’s life. You will easily address any problems that they are experiencing and ensure that they are not engaging in improper activities.

Keep tabs on internet searches

The internet is the Holy Grail of information. Your child can think of anything, type it into their search engine tab and get information within seconds. The only problem is that the internet knows no age and is not restricting information. The reality is that there is information that should be out of bounds depending on your child’s age and development stage. By controlling your child’s internet activities, you can restrict access to explicit content.

Track your child’s location

For a parent, there is nothing scarier than not knowing their child’s location at a certain point in time.  But with the use of parental controls, you do not have to go through this agony. This is because the controls come with a GPS tracking feature that will help you track your child’s location at any time. It is also best to discourage your child from posting their location on social media as anyone can access it. It is safe to say that some advice and a lot of GPS tracking goes a long way, no pun intended.

Set screen time limits

If you can watch episodes of Game of Thrones for hours on end, you know too well that screen time can be addictive. While adults treat screen time as a form of relaxation and entertainment, your child does not need to fall into this bad habit. Remember, they say that too much of something is poisonous. Excessive screen time may cause inadequate sleep, poor eyesight and a lack of physical activity. As such, parental controls can set limits on screen time and help in designating media-free time so that your child can participate can appreciate their surroundings.

Parental controls are perfect for regulating your child’s online habits. They give you peace of mind to know that you have control over what your child is doing online. They come with user-friendly features that can enable you to set the boundaries that you want. These controls keep you in the know while also helping your child with their cyber etiquette. 


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  1. Jeanette Leighton
    15 December, 2019 / 12:19 pm

    It’s hard to keep track on what my daughter is up to we have parental control but she still plays games where a lot of chat is not really monitered

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