15 Cosy Family Room Ideas and Tips

A family room should be a place where members gather around to spend time with each other, chat, relax and entertain. In other words, spend time as a family. Living rooms are packed with memories, laughter, and enjoyment – it’s the heart of a home.

Finding inspiration on how to make a family room cosy could go from layering textiles to adding antiques to a gallery wall. For more ideas, take a look at Nostalgia UK.

Whether your space is airy and open-planed, large or small, these cosy family room ideas will create a pleasantly warm environment to be loved by the family all year-round.

1.   Set The Scene With A Family TV Screen

Having a TV in a family living room is not all about sitting in silence with your eyes glued to the screen. It’s about snuggling up and having good laughs and giggles together while watching your favourite soaps.

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2.   Layer With Colourful Pillows

To add warmth to a plain-looking couch such as a cream-coloured sofa or a leather sofa, add patterned or brightly coloured pillows. It will bring a sense of solace to the whole family.

3.   Combine Warm Tones With Your Cooler Palette

Adding colour to your home and furnishings is more than just aesthetics, it can very well affect you and your family’s emotional well-being.

Using toasty warm undertones in your interior brings an inviting feel into the room. Bringing in peachy golden undertones will warm up the room. Taupe is another tone that brings out the warmth in darker tones such as wood flooring or brick areas (even though it’s still a cooler colour).

4.   Add Some Throw Blankets

Adding some throw blankets either onto your couches or in visibly displayed the baskets to add texture, colour, and, of course, warmth. Blankets, or throws, serve a dual purpose: making members of the family or guests feel more at home and adds a pop of colour.

5.   Tie Spaces Together

If you have an open floor plan that includes, for example, a dining area or kitchen with your family room, tie the spaces together for a more homey feel. For instance, pick accent pieces that match the rooms together, such as an armchair. Use console tables to define separate spaces.

With open-plan layouts on the rise, family rooms need to be created for the purpose of ”cocooning” a cosy family environment. A corner sofa can create a low visual barrier to bring the spaces together and is brilliant for family gatherings.

6.   Family Photos: Use Your Space

Don’t let a clean canvas go to waste. A blank wall should be utilized, so add photographs and group artworks together on a toned display wall. Adding family photos makes a living room feel attractive and pleasant.

Built-in shelves, for example, around a fireplace or along a wall is a perfect place to fill the space with a warm family feel. Personalising and decorating a family room’s shelves does a lot for a room’s ambience.

7.   Decorate With Plants And Flowers

Plants and Flowers in a room instantly add a world of happiness. Combining floral arrangements is the perfect way to add life and colour into a living room – Don’t forget to give them plenty of sunlight.

Floral arrangements bring warmth into any living area, not only that, it brings out different hues to other softer colours such as couches with soft beiges.

8. Brighten Up the Room With Warm Lighting

One way to make a room look and feel welcoming is the lighting. The family living room can feature a variety of lights such as floor lamps around the room complemented by a chandelier at the centre.

During the evenings, there is nothing better than the inviting feel from a lamps warm glow around the living room space.

9.  Give A Variety Of Seating Arrangements

In large rooms, create groups of seating arrangements with chairs and soft sofas, creating an intimate feel. The difference in arrangements and spacing of furniture makes a world of difference.

Give family members or guests options to choose from, whether they want to sit on an armchair, pouffe or sofa. By offering a range of options, it makes everyone feel comfortable.

10. Utilize Your Natural Light

When it comes to how inviting a living room may be, the importance of using natural light is an understatement. Natural light brings an enticing, airy, peaceful feel. There is nothing more depressing and uninviting than a dark living room.

Connect the family living room with adjacent outdoor spaces. Keep your windows as uncovered as you possibly can and enjoy the natural light.

11. Bring In Rustic Charm

Exposing well-worn rugs, walls, or a roaring fire is likely to bring out balmy undertones. A contemporary family room with a vintage rustic feel, using wood, stone and comfy textiles ensures a snug atmosphere.

12. Add Books And Bookshelves

Whether you read books or not, there is something indescribably consoling about books. Where furniture is pushed away from walls is a perfect opportunity to add a bookshelf.

If you have a large collection of books, grouping them together creates a great feature wall. For homeowners with a smaller collection, arranging or stacking them together in bits and bobs on a large bookshelf can create an art piece on its own.

Photo by Florencia Viadana on Unsplash

13. Add Oversized Ottomans For Coffee Tables

Adding a soft, swank ottoman is ideal for making your family room snuggly and warm. They can serve a dual purpose, be used as a footrest, and of course, with the additional tray, you can get a coffee table out of it.

Some Ottomans come with a storage place available, great to store pillows, magazines or comfortable blankets. An elegant button-tufted cool-toned ottoman adds comfort and texture to a living room.

Choosing an ottoman in a warm colour pallet can brighten up a cool-toned room.

14. Scale Up Your Curtains: Ceiling to floor

A fantastic way to create length in a small room, making it feel larger and giving it more space, is to lengthen your curtains from the ceiling to the floor. Choose cool-toned curtains to add space and lightness to a room.

15. Add A Rug

Adding a rug or carpet to wooden, concrete or tiled floors gives a contemporary design to your living area. There is no better way to join a room together and heat up a cold floor than by adding a rug.

If you want to add colour to brighten up a room, go for a patterned rug, or to add texture go for a carpet with a deep pile, shaggy soft look.

Give The Family Room Charm And Character

There’s nothing better than to come home and settle into a sultry, glowing, family living room. Apart from guests and family members gathering at the dining table, the living room is the focal point where families enjoy the comforts of home.

Whether everyone is snuggling up for movie night, blasting the CD player for a dance-off or cosying up for a story – a family space needs to be cosy and inviting.


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