5 Simple But Snazzy Home Décor Hacks

How’s 2020 treating you so far?

Feeling full of life, flat as a pancake or muddling through somewhere in the middle?

After the festive season, we often contemplate making major life changes – then before you know it, hectic family life interrupts your plans and forces you to push pause.

But sometimes making simple alterations to your home environment can help you spring forward when you’re stuck in a rut – the first step of your new journey might be some savvy online purchases, basic DIY knowledge and a bit of old-fashioned elbow grease.

If you want to be crafty about catalysing change, start with the easy wins and try these five simple but snazzy home décor hacks.

Vision boards

Having a physical, visual reminder of the things you’d like to achieve as a family can motivate you through the tough times, so creating a vision board and hanging it somewhere like your kitchen is a masterstroke.

If making your own feels like too much hassle and mess, use an online vision board service such as DreamItAlive to create your ideal customized board and print it off once you’ve designed it perfectly.


Unless you’re a big Bruce Lee fan, you won’t want your home interior to look like the hall of mirrors from Enter the Dragon.

However, purchasing a few elegant mirrors and placing them strategically around the home can provide a sense of space and perspective – which will pay off on those days when you feel a little cloistered and claustrophobic. John Lewis has a pretty good selection of classic and contemporary styles.

Radiator covers

British winters mean radiators are a blessing, but they look so bland that they’re hard to blend in with the rest of your décor.

However, a radiator cover from Wayfair is reasonably inexpensive, looks chic and transforms a functional area into a stylish feature. Available in modern slat or retro lattice styles for all radiator sizes, they’re easy to install and add a subtle yet sophisticated look to any home.

Reading nook

If you’re a family of readers, it’s nice to have a semi-private space where you can indulge your literary flights of fancy.

And a reading nook can be simple to create – depending on your DIY expertise level, a nook can be created with a comfy armchair, footstool and anglepoise lamp, a curtained canopy with a beanbag or if you’re feeling adventurous, a shelved closet with compact chaise-longue. If you can’t decide, Pinterest has plenty of ideas.


Any feng shui expert worth their sashimi will tell you that the energy flow between interior rooms affects the psychic weather patterns and overall household harmony.

Switching up your interior doors can help – a solid traditional wooden door can enhance feelings of security and sanctuary while replacing a solid door with one containing glass can add a decorative, airy touch. If you’re still unsure, craftspeople like Oakwood Doors have designs to suit everyone.


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