5 Types of addiction that may surprise you

Addiction is a common term. However, the broadness of this term is often minimized because it is commonly associated with drugs and alcohol. The truth is that it does not only have to deal with substance abuse. If anything, there are many types of addictions that we deal with. Some of them are things that we take for granted and do not pay attention to. If you are dependent on anything in life then you are most likely addicted to it. Here are 5 types of addiction that may surprise you:

Sex addiction

Individuals who feel like they cannot do without sex or have an incessant urge to have sex all the time suffer from sex addiction. Usually, such people have a deep fear of being alone. As they do not know what else to do to suppress their fears, they use sex as a way to get closer to other people. Those who already have partners may find themselves stepping out of their respective relationships to fulfil their bodily desires. Thus, sex addiction leads to family or marital issues. It is also coupled with feelings of self-loathing. Those who face this addiction should be treated with the kind of care and compassion that will help them get over the addiction.

Shopping addiction

There is nothing better than the thrill that overcomes us when we are buying something brand new. Be it a car, clothes or household items, the excitement we feel in that moment is one to behold. While one-off purchases bring satisfaction for a majority of us, there are those who cannot stop shopping. Their need for buying new things cannot be understood and they may even end up taking credit card debt or spending money that was intended for other use. When this happens continuously, then it is a clear sign of addiction. Just like sex addiction, those with a shopping addiction find it hard to stop. These individuals should be taught how to shop responsibly.

Gambling addiction

This type of addiction may be the most difficult to conquer because once gambling becomes a habit, the brain takes immense pleasure in it. Whether it’s sports betting or gambling in a casino, this addiction can drive you to detrimental limits. Even if you start small, gambling has a way of ensuring that you make the biggest bets and highest risk options in efforts to reap bigger rewards. Gambling and substance abuse go hand in hand because they are pleasured by the same part of the brain. Therefore, withdrawal can lead to irritability, insomnia, and other ill feelings.


A good cup of coffee can fix just about anything; a bad day, a lousy morning, conversations with a friend, a cold evening- you name it! And while coffee is a necessity in most of our cups, it is important not to be over-caffeinated. Needless to say, too much caffeine is addictive. With caffeine addiction, you will be relying on it in order to function on a daily basis. However, the reality is that this type of addiction is dangerous because too much caffeine is associated with high blood pressure, restlessness, agitation and increased heart rate. To be safe and to keep this kind of addiction at bay, your caffeine intake should be minimal.

Social media

In this age of ‘Insta-likes’ and Facebook pokes, being part of the social media frenzy is something that most of us enjoy. Connecting with long lost friends, keeping up with loved ones and inviting new people into your life is one of the many advantages of social platforms. However, the next time you send a tweet or an emoji, ensure that your life is not centred on that. Social media addiction is sneaky in the way it occurs because you only realize that you are addicted when you are too far gone. If social platforms are dominating your life, it is important to wean yourself off your smartphone and embrace other life aspects.

Addiction begins when the brain rewrites its pleasure points because of the things that we do. No matter what you are addicted to, it is best to embark on a new path because the aforementioned habits can be problematic. With proper intervention, you can slowly but surely get rid of these habits. Remember, addiction is something that you can work on. And in due time, you will be able to overcome it.

Are you addicted to any of these things?


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