How To Care For Your White Carpet At Home

The white carpet is probably the most beautiful of all types of carpets. When buying a white carpet though, you should consider how you are going to look after it. Due to improper carpet cleaning methods, often, a white carpet changes colour to yellow. In addition, if you neglect its maintenance for several weeks, it can get quite dirty.


Why White Carpets Gets Dirty When Cleaning?

The thing is that the white carpet is known to be more affected by pollution than carpets of other colours. Even after carpet cleaning, the carpet may get dirty due to poor quality detergents, a dirty brush, etc.

It is also worth noting that premium white carpets are made from natural wool, and are quite difficult to wash. With synthetic carpets, everything is much simpler in terms of carpet washing and carpet cleaning.

Specifics of White Carpet Care

To keep the white carpet always white, you must follow these carpet cleaning techniques:

  1. Using a vacuum cleaner

Vacuuming a carpet is not difficult, as it only sucks in all the dust and dirt. However, you need to be careful with it, since sometimes there are cases when cleaning the carpet with a vacuum cleaner, the dirt only “spreads” over the surface of the carpet, which makes it even dirtier. You need to vacuum the white carpet at least once a week.

  1. Using special foam

In stores, you can find special spray cans designed for carpet cleaning. The composition of the foam is such that when it gets on the carpet, it raises all the dust and dirt from the bottom of the carpet, after which they can be removed using a regular sponge or brush.

  1. Using a nap brush

Thanks to the use of a bristle brush, it is easy to get rid of pet hair. Therefore, it is not necessary to carry out general cleaning of the carpet if the hair is from a pet, because after each cleaning the carpet wears out more and more.

How to Clean White Long-Piled Carpets?

If you still decide to purchase a long-piled carpet of a white colour, get ready for painstaking care of it. It looks gorgeous but requires increased attention to itself. A few care tips to help keep snow-white carpets in proper shape:

  • Vacuum clean at least once a week.
  • Once a month it is advisable to knock out white rugs outside.
  • In winter, it would be nice to clean the steps with snow several times.
  • For snow-white carpets with a high pile of natural materials, it is better to use dry carpet cleaning. Artificial long-piled carpets can be cleaned with a washing vacuum cleaner. In this case, special detergents should be used in moderation.

After wet cleaning, the carpet should be dried in the fresh air so that mould does not start in a long pile. You can open all the doors and windows at home to bring the fresh air inside your house.

Useful White Carpet Tips You Need to Follow

  1. When buying a white carpet from an online store, it is better to ask the manufacturer in detail about the proper care of the carpet;
  2. If possible, it is better to knock out a white carpet on the backyard so that the level of carpet cleaning is higher;
  3. If there are many detergents available, then it is worth starting with less strong ones, and if the stains do not wash off, then you can move on to stronger ones.

It can be concluded that caring for a white carpet is not an easy task, but if you are diligent with its upkeep, it will please the eye for a long time.


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