How to run a stress-free event

There are no two ways about it: organising an event can be stressful. While some people are natural party planners, most of us find the idea of coming up with a theme, guest-list and budget confusing – not to mention hosting when the guests arrive. But, whether you’re planning a birthday party, baby shower or engagement party, there are certain ways to make the planning go as smoothly as possible. So, what are they?


When running an event, the key is to be organised. You can now get free event planning software that helps with this and allows you to plan, schedule and manage everything you want the event to include. Alternatively, this might mean using a diary and making sure you have all the information there. Whatever your methods, you will need to keep all your bookings in one place and make sure you plan everything with plenty of time in advance. Don’t leave it to the last minute, or you’ll certainly feel the pressure.


Much of the stress of organising an event comes from money, especially if you haven’t planned an event before. The most important thing is to establish a budget and stick to it. Don’t just blindly buy things and hope for the best. If you’re not sure how much you should be spending, speak to someone else involved and make sure that everyone is on the same page. Spreadsheets will be a huge help here, as you can keep an eye on everything and make sure the numbers add up. Don’t forget to keep receipts, too!


Another sure way to get your palms sweating is thinking about the guestlist for your event. Often, who you want to invite, who you should invite and who you end up inviting don’t tally up. A way to reduce stress in general is to come up with a clear guest list and send out invites early. Your invites should include all the relevant information and establish the theme of the event, so guests are clear about what to wear and if they should bring anything. Depending on the type of event you’re organising, you may wish to send invites out electronically instead of via post. Just make sure that there is a way to RSVP so you know who will be attending.

Asking for help

The best way to run a stress-free event is to understand that you can’t do everything alone. Sometimes, we find it hard to admit that we’re feeling overwhelmed, and we might feel ashamed that we’re finding organising our child’s birthday party so stressful. Don’t be embarrassed. If you’re not used to organising events, it can be a lot to take on, and you’ll have plenty of other things on your plate. Fortunately, friends and relatives will be more than happy to help, and sharing the responsibilities will take a huge weight off. Just establish some of the things you need help with and ask for a little assistance. You’d do the same for them.


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