How To Sell Your House Faster

Getting the most out of your house sale means getting many offers. After all, it’s more difficult to counteroffer bids when you don’t already have loads of them.

It’s surprisingly easy to make your house more attractive. This isn’t about your own personal tastes though, think of this as an investment. You’re going to spend a bit of time yet hardly any money in order to get more for your home and sell it faster.

Your opinion takes a back seat

Firstly, this means sticking to more traditional designs. If you have a very eccentric and unique home, it may be difficult for visitors to imagine themselves living in it. This means toning down the design to a more neutral setting.

Of course, you’re not going to go out and buy a new dresser and sofa just to sell your home, nor should you feel like you have to. But a lick of paint a new, more neutral and on-trend colour could do wonders and can be done inside a weekend.

This also means rearranging furniture in order to make the space look as big as possible. Your own personal preference should take a back seat whilst you figure out what objectively maximises the space, functionality and atmosphere of the room. It’s really helpful to get as many opinions as possible from friends, family and especially estate agents.

Buyers are superficial

Another important step is to fix up loose ends in the home. Merely applying suitable products to the fractured leg of the coffee table or replacing the mouldy sealant in the bathroom will do wonders.

Nobody will comment on this with a “that’s really great to see that your coffee table is perfectly stable”, but it just avoids any negative connotations to the home.

Consider something as simple as unclogging the gutters and sweeping the drive. If you need advice on the best way to go about this, there are plenty of professional gutter cleaning companies who should have all the info you need to help you get your gutters in tip-top condition.

For example, you’re often better off having a 15-year old boiler that looks well looked after, than a 3-year old one but with rusty looking pipes. Of course, the value of the latter is greater, but this isn’t how the minds of most buyers’ works. There are too many components of the home to add up a cumulative total value, so instead, we look at the basics: the size of the home, what work might need doing to it, its location and then the superficial presentation of it.

You can’t change the size, but you can change how big it feels. Likewise, you may not be able to afford new guttering, but you could paint it so it looks newer. Considering a home is perhaps the largest purchase we make in our lifetime, we actually spend surprisingly little time assessing its fundamentals. Instead, we get a third party surveyor to make sure it’s not completely broken and then go off gut feeling.

Light and space

The last tip is along a similar vein: brighten up the home as much as possible. Good lighting does wonders to space and atmosphere. Buy the brightest light bulbs, paint the walls bright colours, leave the curtains fully open and put in a generous amount of mirrors.

You don’t have to take drastic measures when selling the home — after all, you have to continue living there, and property selling can be a long process. In fact, putting a property on the market is sometimes the motivation we need to renovate and clean up a little.


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