Online Printing: A Simple Way To Make Extra Money

A lot of people dream of owning their own business but most of them end up never actually doing it. The most common reason for this is that building a brand can be costly, risky and requires a lot of time. That is not always the case though.

Online printing is an extremely convenient and simple way to build your own business and make some extra money by selling personalised items. It is essentially about creating product designs and attracting customers – will take care of the rest.

Here are the reasons why you should give online printing a go:

No need for savings

What makes online printing so convenient is the fact that you can literally start selling today. That’s right, you don’t need to have any savings or funding, as the products will be made on-demand. Printful allows you to make as many free mockup products as you want, but they will not ask you to pay for them or start making them before someone actually orders the item. This means that you never need to pay for the inventory in advance and you get the profits right away.

Of course, you may have to spend some money on the other areas of your business, such as the website, SEO services, social media marketing and so on. This, however, depends on your own needs and how big or known you want to make your brand. You may feel like posting a product picture on a social media page gets customer’s attention for free and makes you enough of that extra cash.

Safe and easy

The safety aspect of online printing business is also something that attracts business-minded people, as you know that there is quite a bit of risk in creating a company. With Printful taking care of production, packing and shipping, there are plenty of potential problems already sorted out for you. This means that you can focus solely on the branding and products of your business. The best part is that you can easily integrate it to an existing e-commerce platform. Shopify for example, has an App Store where you can install the Printful app and connect it to your e-commerce store and start selling online.

Additionally, it is rare that every single product in a start-up company becomes a hit – a lot of them never get the expected customer attention. This is not an issue with on-demand printing, as you do not need to worry about selling out your inventory and losing money. You can simply delete the unsuccessful products and try new ones without financial commitment.

You decide what you earn

Another reason why online printing is a good way to start earning some extra money or even turning it into your full-time job is because of your autonomy to decide on products and their pricing. As long as it covers the fixed costs provided by Printful, your earnings can be as high as you want. If you believe that you can sell with higher margins by creating a good website and attractive brand identity, be our guest!

Focus on creativity

Perhaps the best part about online printing, is that it allows you to be focused solely on the creative aspects of your brand. With every step of the process, production to delivery, done for you, you can give all of your attention to new ideas for designs and ways to market your brand. This can be especially great for design students that want some extra cash, but don’t want the commitment to personal loans for businesses, production processes, inventory storage and so on.


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