Travelling with your partner? Discover 5 travel tips all couples should remember

Travelling with your partner can seem like the most romantic thing in the world. Until they lose the room key, misplace the passports or sleep in late and make you both miss your flight… Hitting the road with the person you love the most will certainly have its ups and downs and believe it or not travelling together will actually put your relationship to the test.

Travelling can make us tired and stressed, and with it constantly pushing us out of our comfort zones you’re going to need someone who’s got your back, someone who can make you feel at ease and someone who can support you when you’re feeling stressed. Not only that, but you’ll also want someone to enjoy all those incredible moments with, the incredible sights and experiences that only come with exploring the world – you can find out more about hotels with views of Niagara Falls by clicking the link – so, how do you ensure that you’ll still be together by the end of it?

Read on for 5 travel tips all couples should remember

Make time for yourself

Yes, you’re travelling as a couple, but when you’re at home you don’t spend every waking hour with each other. Having time to yourself during your travels is essential. It gives you time to reset, to pursue your own interests and hear your own thoughts! Perhaps you could enjoy a massage while your partner heads to a local café to catch up on a good book. What’s great is when you come back together, you’ll have plenty to talk about and after all, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Get plenty of pictures

You won’t want to return home from the trip of a lifetime and only have pictures of your partner… Get involved and ask them to take pictures of you too! Taking pictures as a couple isn’t always easy so, invest in a tripod with a remote or ask a stranger to take some pictures of you together.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

So your partner accidentally spilt their drink all down your new dress. You’re wet, cold and wondering if you have anything else that’s clean… It’s normal to feel a little irritated, but try not to let a minor inconvenience boil over into a full-blown argument. Laugh where you can and take pleasure in all the hilarious stories you’ll get to tell when you’re back home.

Support each other

Your partner has a fear of heights but you’re desperate to try a little paragliding, instead of feeling let down by their concerns, encourage them to leave their comfort zone behind and try something new with you by their side. Regardless of their response, it’s important to always remain supportive and vice versa.


Just like at home, the number one thing that couples argue about when travelling, is money! So, it’s important to set out a travel budget and stick to it! Have money set aside for activities, money for emergencies and a little extra for treating each other.


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